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How many times have you over heard a conversation where someone has said “been making some big gains in the gym recently”, or “check out these gains”, or more commonly “someones been making some gains!”.  This website is solely dedicated to help you make some big gains. But before we get carried away, “making gains” doesn’t just mean, building muscle, we’re talking about, bodybuilding, fitness, nutrition and exercises for all shapes and sizes!

Recent Posts

Fast Food Diets


Fast food is more accessible than ever and with extremely busy lifestyles, they’ve become ever more popular. With this in mind, we’ve put together an article to highlight the benefits of a fast food diet…that’s right, there can be benefits…




My review of the Testogen testosterone booster.  See how this can assist in increasing your natural levels of testosterone without harm or putting your body under excess stress…


Herbal Fat Melter


My review of the fat burning bill Herbal Fat Melter.  A natural remedy for super fat burning result, making you lean and mean in the shortest time possible…


Bodybuilding Cheat Meals


An article discussing bodybuilding cheat meals and in particular, whether a bodybuilder can or should eat burgers during a bulking a diet.  We’ve also highlighted some other ideas for cheat meals. Is it a good idea?…


The Perfect Beach Body


Whether going away during peak season or when the beaches are less crowded we all want to look our best.  Here are few things you might want to consider before going on holiday to make sure you’re looking and feeling great…


Weight Loss Smoothie


We live in a fast paced world where we always need to be somewhere or need to do something which is why unfortunately, health and a good diet sometimes take a backseat.  We’ve put together this amazing, quick and easy fruit smoothie…



Legal Steroid Reviews

Steroids have always been a taboo subject, some people can’t train without them but they’re widely not recognised as a good sports or health supplement for many reasons, least to say they’re not very safe and can give a person an unfair advantage over other competitors. However in recent years we as sportsmen and women are becoming more aware of the supplements we’re putting into our bodies and the effects they can have – his is where Legal Steroids have emerged from. You may have heard the phrase before, along with “Steroid Alternative”, but what do they actually mean??


People Making Crazy Gains!

We’re dedicated to helping you make Crazy Gains, and what better way than to show you what you can achieve. It’s true, seeing is believing so check out these successful people.  Tired of seeing the same old reflection in the mirror each day? Perhaps it’s time for a change; a change in diet, a change in training or a change of supplements – change all three and you have a killer combination!!


Workout Ideas

How To Build Big Arms


We all secretly want bigger arms, no matter how often we say “I’m more interested in building other muscles”.  We’ve put together some key arms exercises that will make you arms pop and demand a second look from passers by…


The Spartan Workout

300 abs

Have you seen the film “300”? If not, you should! It’s well known that the men who performed in this big screen hit, trained hard to get in shape – and in shape they certainly were.  Ever wondered how they did it? We’ve listed all the exercises included in the 300 Spartan Workout and urge you to at least give it a go…


Jump Rope Fat Burner


Jump rope is an amazing exercise to raise your heart rate quickly, heat your body’s core temperature and put you into the fat burning zone. Not only does it increase you overall fitness and cardio levels buts it’s the ideal exercise to get you looking incredibly lean. It’s an easy exercise that anyone can do…