10 Minute Micro Workouts

Best 10 Minute Micro-Workouts For Bodybuilders

A ‘micro-workout’ can mean lots of things for different people. However, there is some consensus among the bodybuilding community in regards to its meaning. Generally speaking, micro-workouts are drills that last no longer than 10 minutes.

These exercises can come in any type or form – such as low-intensity activities like walking, doing push-ups, or even vacuuming the house if you’re trying to bulk up while following through with your errands; or, maybe a high-intensity sprint session becomes the go-to pick whenever buzzwords like ‘micro-workout’ come into play.

The point is – regardless which type of micro-workout one prefers over the other – this method can be applied all throughout a given day without investing too much time at once. Therefore, a training regimen like that can be easier to implement as a daily routine than, say, spending 3 hours in preparation for 1 hour spell at the gym. In addition to singled out micro-workout sessions however – they prove as not very efficient if done only as such.

That’s why it’s important to know where, when, and how to combine micro-workouts – and we’re here to help.

One-Legged Dead Lift Hop

Fires Up: abdominal muscles, glutes, legs.


Instructions: Assume a standing stance, and continue to lift your right knee while resting your weight on your left leg. Lift your arms so that palms face forward and make 90 degree angles against your elbows. Back should be as flat as possible.

Now start hinging forward while simultaneously extending your right leg backward. Your body should be parallel against the floor during this motion. Do the same movement, but this time, do it backwards to end up in the starting position.

Do this for 30-45 seconds, then switch legs and repeat.

Double Jump

Fires Up: abdominal muscles, glutes, legs.

Instructions: Put your feet about hip-width apart and let arms naturally rest by sides. This concludes the starting position.

Start lowering until you achieve a deep squat stance and extend arms forward; use your legs to propel yourself upward, and land with your left leg extended forward (lunge position). From this stance, jump again, but this time land in the squat stance as before.

Proceed to interchange landing stances for 45 seconds – then switch sides.

Pop Up

Fires Up: triceps, shoulders, abdominal muscles, glutes and legs.

Instructions: Lie down on the floor, face facing downward. Hands should be right next to shoulders, while toes should support your weight same as in a push-up. This concludes the starting position.

Now proceed to do a push-up, but now continue rising upward so that you end up in a squat position, with one leg facing forward.

Do this for 40 seconds while interchangeably switching legs.

Climbing Lunge

Fires Up: glutes, legs, calves, and core.

Instructions: All you need to perform this exercise is a solid set of stairs (at least 10).

Face up the stairs while at bottom. Step with your right leg 3 steps up so that your knees lower as in a lunge position. Do the same motion with your left leg. This concludes 1 repetition. Proceed until you reach to the top while alternating legs.

Continue doing this micro-workout for 5-7 sets.

Decline Push-up Leg Lift

Fires Up: chest, core, glutes, calves.

Instructions: Assume a push-up position, with legs resting atop the first or second step. Raise one leg so that it hovers above the step, and then proceed to do a normal push-up. This concludes 1 repetition.

Aim for 7-10 reps, for total of 3 sets.

Plank-Straddle Hop

Fires Up: thighs, triceps, shoulders, glutes, abs.

Instructions: Assume a plank position on the floor with legs about hip-width apart. Balance your body-weight on your toes and forearms, with palms laying flat against the ground. This would be your starting position.

Hop with your feet sideways assuming a V position the hop right back. Afterwards, engage your core and straighten your arms so that you end up in a push-up position. Do the same motion only backwards – now your forearms should support your weight again together with feet.

Continue doing this micro-workout for 30-40 seconds.

Plank Walk

Fires Up: core, chest, shoulder, triceps.

Instructions: Put your palms on the first steps at beginning of stairs. Tighten your core, and walk with your right hand upward, then right. This counts as half rep. Then walk your hand downward and left. This completed 1 repetition.

Continue for 10 repetitions while switching hands.

Sprint & Jog

Fires Up: whole body.

Instructions: Start sprinting up the stairs until you reach the top. Then proceed to jog down until you reach the bottom.

Another variation would be to climb one step at a time during one full set, and two steps during the next one. Alternate between one/two steps for additional cardio workout.

Do 10 sets of this micro-workout.

Jump Rope

Fires Up: whole body, plus cardio.

Instructions: Grab both jump rope handles and stand with feet shoulder-width apart, in a relaxed but ready position. Start with the rope behind you; now take a swing with it so that it goes over your head and under your legs in one motion. While doing so – jump few inches off the ground just so the rope can pass underneath.

Continue practising for 2 minutes straight.

Arm Lift Plank

Fires Up: core, glutes, shoulders, chest.

Instructions: End your routine with a silent bang. Get into an ordinary plank stance. Tighten your core, but instead of just holding The Plank – proceed to lift one arm straight in front of your head. Hold for 2-3 seconds, lower it – then repeat with other hand. Your core will be fired up in no time.

Ideally, do this micro-workout for 30-45 seconds. and is the mecca for bodybuilding, fitness, gym motivation and, of course, hearty gym meme’s. Regularly introducing fans to new trends in training, nutrition, gear and technology. Join over 3,000,000 monthly bro’s and fit girl’s today.



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