Add Size To Your Physique Fast

How To Add Size To Your Frame Fast

Adding lean muscle mass to your frame isn’t rocket science. Although, you need to know the right routines and exercises to perform to get those outstanding results.

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Be prepared to work hard. Most people look to go the easy route, but if you want to reduce body fat and add lean muscle fast, then you need to be ready to work hard, maintain consistency, pick the right lifts, and make your workouts count, by making them harder and super effective.

Below I’ve provide some simple tips that will help you quickly add lean mass to your frame and get ripped at the same time without compromising your health.

If your goal is to mirror the outstanding results of a renowned bodybuilders like Big Ramy, Phil Heath or Joshua Trentine, by building lean muscle mass naturally, you should consider implementing the tips below straight away. These are some of the best bulking techniques you can apply to your regular routines, were you’ll start seeing results in a matter of weeks.

Perform Compound Lifts

Skinny men develop abs in the shortest time and they do so with the least effort, simply because they have a lower body fat percentage. When it comes to developing upper body thickness, especially in your chest, shoulders, lats and back, this translates to advanced fitness and strength.

Best For Bulking

Most men mostly focus on the muscles they see when they look at themselves in the mirror. Neglecting the exercises that focus on the aforementioned areas of your body will most certainly not create the broad and dominant frame you desire.

For outstanding and noticeable results, it is important that you perform the right exercises that specifically target the biggest mass of muscle. In order to build a larger frame of lean muscle, width and thickness of your body become critical components of your training. As a result, you need to perform compound lifts such as bench press, deadlifts, rows, squats, and shoulder press.

To develop overall size to your frame, squats are actually considered the best form of exercise. You might also want to consider accessory lifts like lateral raises or bent-over dumbbell raises. While at it, involve large muscle groups and multiple joints and you will transform your overall physique in as little as 8 weeks!

Increase The Number of Sets

One of the more obvious elements of increasing muscle mass if that you’ll quickly find the need to increase your training volume. You’ll find this easier if you take a few minutes to plan your new training regime.

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Most guys who resort to increasing the volume of their training will often ramp up reps. However, for the best possible results, consider keeping your rep low within the range of 4-8 and perform 7-12 sets. Note that ten sets comprising 5 reps add up to a total of 50 repetitions, but you end up lifting significantly heavier weights than you would when you resort to five sets comprised of ten repetitions. Also, begin training 4-5 days every week, and get yourself in the mindset of training a different major muscle group each day.

Recommendation: 6-12 Repetitions Per Set

6-12 repetitions per set are recommended if you want to build greater muscle size and hypertrophy. While this range works extremely well, don’t get completely hung up on it. Note that the end goal is to overload the muscles. Research conducted so far shows that higher ranges of repetitions (30 reps or more) can develop greater hypertrophy effects. Ideally, you should switch up your sets and reps for optimal results.

Do Slow Cardio Once Per Week

Don’t listen to anyone who tells you not to do cardio exercises when it comes to adding muscle mass – they are wrong!

Aerobic conditioning is an essential component, as it helps with making quick improvements. By enhancing your aerobic base, it will become easier for you to push harder while engaging in your workouts. Aerobics additionally helps you to recover faster between sets and get a much deeper rest in your unloading weeks.

Nutrition Rules Every Aspect Of Bodybuilding

Adding just 5% or 10% of muscle mass requires proper nutrition. While your diet should not necessarily be perfect, take notice of these simple rules:

  • It is important to note that protein aids recovery and with building muscle, especially if your desire is to add lean muscle mass to your frame. Consume lots of protein. You will never build more muscle without it. Some excellent protein sources include chicken, fish, beef, and numerous other animal proteins. Greek yogurt, eggs, and vegetables are also superb sources of quality proteins. Consume 1.5 times of protein comparable to your bodyweight in grams.
  • Ignore the myth that says too much protein consumption is detrimental to your kidneys. Research conducted so far indicates that there is no scientific data that links high protein consumption to an increased risk of kidney function impairment.To build muscle mass, you must maintain a positive caloric balance. Therefore, you need to eat more to bulk up.

Introduce Unloading Weeks

Every 8th week of your training, you should take some time off to rest and recover. A week should be sufficient, although individually we are all different. For instance I tend to rest for approximately four days, which I find is ample time to feel refreshed and recuperated.

The unloading weeks help relieve the stress build up in your joints while promoting overall recovery. When you resume training, you’ll feel better than you were before as you’ll have your newly formed fitness and physique. When you resort to training high-volume and high-intensity constantly, you are bound to experience an increase in mental stress. This explains why the rebound weeks recommended are important for achieving peak performance.

Aim For Constant Progress

You can never be “perfect” – you are likely to struggle is areas, particularly on your diet or miss your workouts occasionally, but that does not mean the world will end. If you scold yourself for it, you might be discouraged and give up in the process.

Instead, you should focus on maintaining constant progress that eventually leads to the achievement of your goal. There is actually no difference whether you stick to a 90% or 100% workout program. A margin of error of 10% in your training program allows you to overlook the slight deviations from your program and work on making progress. So always have your end goal in mind when you’re training or preparing a meal. Avoid berating yourself over the few minor stumbles. This way, your lean muscle building goal and ultimate physique transformation will soon become a reality.

Enhanced Bulking Results

Supplements are used to add “that something extra” to your results, whether it be to improve recovery time, increase strength, size or a the fat burning process.

Choosing the best supplements for bulking to do this is where you can change your results from being ok, to being spectacular!

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What To Take Away

Every individual with a goal of developing lean muscle and reducing body fat will benefit from the tips provided. The tips presented here are some of the best bulking techniques that work for anyone hoping to get ripped and add muscle fast. Implement these suggestions and be amazed as your body undergoes an impressive transformation from a lean frame to a bulked up and ripped physique.

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