Amazing & Fast Muscle Mass Gains

How I Gained Amazing Muscle Mass in Weeks Using CrazyBulk

I’ve been training for quite a few years now and have always gone through bulking and cutting cycles throughout the years.  Although I’d put weight on and get bigger during the bulking phases I always used to to struggle to increase my muscle mass and maintain the growth.  A gym buddy of mine who had always been bigger than me suggested I try legal bulking steroids from CrazyBulk

After one bulking cycle I had already gained more muscle mass and strength than I had ever done before in my previous years of weight training.  Before starting with CrazyBulk steroids I was approx. 80kg or 16lbs and following my last bulking cycle i was weighing 92kg or 202lbs and lifting 30% more than I ever have before.  Needless to say I’ve kept these legal steroids as part of my training as the results I’ve seen and am still seeing are amazing.

The Bulking Steroids I Use

I use four bulking steroids in my cycle and I’ll keep on using them because the results and gains they give me are amazing.  Why do I use these steroids?  They help me pack on huge muscle like nothing else and start seeing results in two weeks; the gains are quick and explosive.  The reason why this bulking stack works for me is because it gives me incredible strength amazing muscle growth and fast recovery.  It’s the muscle rapid muscle recovery that means I can workout more often and not be held back my aches or pains.  I feel big, strong and unstoppable when I’m working out.

I’m serious about what I put inside my body as well as what I do to the outside too.  I want to stay as natural as possible which is why until CrazyBulk was recommended I’d never used products like these previously.  These steroids are natural and 100% legal and give the same effects as anabolic steroid so for me they’re the perfect alternative.

bulkingThis is the bulking stack from that I use on a regular basis for my bulking phases to get the best results possible every time.  These are the top legal steroids available to give the strength, endurance, power and recovery needed to complete a very successful bulking training phase

  • Amazing Bulking Results
  • Huge Muscle Mass Gains
  • Unbeatable Strength
  • Results in Weeks not Months



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CrazyBulk Bulking Steroids

Each steroid supplement is also available individually and I use them when not bulking or cutting to enhance my workouts and to make sure I stay strong and don’t lose my gains.

D-Bal (Dianabol)

crazybulk-1200x1200-d-balThis is one of my favorite steroid alternatives to use because of the extremely quick results I get in a couple of week.  It’s the first product I use to get big muscles quick.  My arms get bigger, my chest is pumps, legs feel much fuller and shoulders are rounded.  This works because the nitrogen production in muscle fibers is dramatically increased which ultimately more protein available for much faster growth therefore bigger muscles.

  • Seriously fast muscle growth
  • Increased nitrogen and protein
  • More muscle stamina

Trenorol (Trenbolone)

trenorolWhen I want to maintain my muscle growth but make sure I don’t bloat or lose definition I use T-Bal75 because of it’s muscle building qualities but also because it also acts as an amazing fat burner.

The amazing formula increases red blood cell production which means there is more oxygen rushing through my body when I’m working out thus giving me more energy so I can train for longer and harder each time.

  • Increases in Power, Strength and Energy


crazybulk-1200x1200-testosteroneMaxIt’s widely documented how testosterone is the original anabolic steroid which is true and testosterone-max from CrazyBulk is just as effective.  I use regularly as the effects and results are amazing.  Increased testosterone is the building block to successful bodybuilding.  More testosterone in my body means more energy, more power, increased strength and bigger muscles.

I add this steroid alternative to bulking and cutting cycles and also use on its’s own as the effects it has are amazing.  More testosterone means better workouts and continued gains.

Deckadrolone (D-Ka) (DecaDuro)

crazybulk-1200x1200-decaduroSimilarly to D-Bal where this increases nitrogen production is also pumps up red blood cell activity supercharging my workout making me train harder than I thought possible.  This steroid alternative is seen as “jack of all trades” because it offers boosts in bulking and cutting cycles but it’s superb when used on its own as well.

I use D-Ka for continued growing muscle mass.  When I first stared using this I added 20lbs of lean muscle mass, and because of it’s seriously fast recovery qualities I’m can keep training when I didn’t think I’d be able to.

Cons of CrazyBulk Bulking Steroids

The only con of using these steroid alternatives is that the bottles are only designed in monthly cycles so when I’m starting an 8 or 10 week cycle I have to buy multiple packs.  I would be easier if there was a bigger bulking bundle available like the CrazyBulk Ultimate Stack or if the individual bottles were bigger to contain more capsule.