Best Exercises To Get Ripped

What Are The Best Exercises To Get Ripped?

ripped-abs-lookingBelieve it or not, getting ripped isn’t as difficult as many trainers and fitness coaches would have you believe. In fact, you can develop a decent physique with the routine consisting of just push-ups and running. But, why limit yourself to only two exercises when there are so many that can help you achieve your fitness goals. The importance of compound exercises can never be undermined as it is as vital in modern times as it was 2 to 3 decades ago.

Of course, a good workout regime needs to be accompanied by a healthy diet if you want to build muscle. But that’s another story best left for another time because this article is all about the best exercises to get shredded!

Essential Core Exercises

abdominals-or-rectus-abdomiCompound training and rock-solid abs go hand in hand, which is why it’s crucial that you perform all strength training movements to work the core hard. Working the upper, lower, and side abs as one integral unit is what you should be aiming for by tightening the core before every repetition.

Once you’ve got the essential core tightening practice in place, you should move on to the following exercises:

  • Oblique Crunches: These are quite similar to regular crunches and other ab exercises. The only difference is that the final motion of every repetition needs a twisting action to the side of your torso. Once you’ve lifted the scapular off your support surface, you have to twist your trunk to hit those external and internal oblique muscle groups perfectly.
  • Dumbbell Pullover Crunches: Cardio is important if you actually want to burn fat, but so are isolation exercises. One of the best exercises to get ripped abs is to perform dumbbell pullover crunches. Just grab a pair of dumbbells that may weigh between the ranges of 5 to 20 lbs depending on your core stability to get started. This set is more complicated than conventional crunches due to the addition of the extra weight.
  • Barbell Rollout: This is the perfect exercise to target the lower abdominal muscles, which in turn can also help stabilize your core. Begin by taking a push-up type position while grasping the handle of a barbell placed on the floor. Slowly roll out the barbell with your knuckles and palms facing downwards and extend your arms straight to bring the nose as close to the floor as possible.

All three exercises mentioned above should be performed for 8 to 12 repetitions in 3 sets each.

The Big Three

You’ve read the articles, watched videos on YouTube, or may have even got advice from your personal trainer; but what’s the real deal that keeps you from doing ‘The Big Three’? Yes, we are talking about the squat, deadlift, and the bench press.


Many people shy away from doing these compound movements out of fear that they may end up injuring themselves while there are some who only focus on training their cosmetic muscles to get big arms…etc,etc…

But, you must keep in mind that compound movements are the key to developing overall core stability and strength that would eventually give you the physique of your dreams. So, don’t be afraid to get under the bench or miss out on leg day if you want overall growth and development.

Six Exercises To Get Ripped

So, that’s three simple ab exercises to get your core shredded and another 3 compound exercises to make the rest of your body develop rock hard and lean muscle. Don’t be fooled, just doing these exercises alone, won’t magically transform you but combined with a good diet and plenty of rest to enable your body to recover and you’ll be noticing amazing results in no time at all!!

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