Best Supplement For Cutting

What Is The Best Supplement For Cutting?

There are literally hundreds of different supplements available in today’s bodybuilding and fitness market that all state “I’m the best” or “I’ll give you the best results”….but how do we know which ones are telling the truth or if they’ll even be compatible with our body types??

Also, when we see the word “cutting” in relation to muscle growth and body building, what does it actually mean? Ultimately, we’re looking to build lean muscle without adding excess body fat – leaving a muscle bound, lean and ripped physique.

In this article we’re going to look at boosting your natural testosterone levels which in turn will kick start your body;s fat burning process but also literally turbo charge your muscle growth.

Muscle Growth

It’s no secret that more testosterone equals more muscle growth – pure lean muscle growth! Testosterone is a predominantly male hormone, produced by the testicles and is what gives a person “manly” characteristics, like a lower voice, facial and body hair and ultimately…bigger muscles. Your level of testosterone can be mapped to your ability to build and maintain a higher volume of muscle.

For example, if two men are training together everyday, both of similar build and both performing the same exercises, if one of the men can lift heavier weights, or grow more lean muscle much quicker than the other person, chances are he has more testosterone in his body at any one time.

Low Testosterone

This is much lesser known, but low testosterone actually effect more people than you’d think. If you’re training hard of different muscles each day, are getting a good amount of rest and strictly living on a healthy diet, but you’re still not seeing the muscle gains you’d expect then you might have a lower level of testosterone than what you need.

To perform everyday activities, you don’t need much testosterone, and for someone who isn’t trying to build muscle, they’d probably never realise if they were lacking in the testosterone department.

For someone who’s trying to build lean muscle and look ripped, testosterone is the key!

Boosting your natural testosterone is a great way to –

  • Build clean lean muscle,
  • Get ripped and look shredded,
  • Feel more energised.

It’s also one of, if not the safest ways to turbo boost your body and create the physique of your dreams. Why? Because, if you can harness your own testosterone production, your body is already prepared to deal with the natural increase rather than bombarding it with unnatural and unsafe harmful inject-able steroids.

As we age, the symptoms of lowering testosterone start to become noticeable in men. From approx. 40 years of age, you might begin to see a lack of energy, weight gain, difficulties sleeping, reduced muscle mass and most of all….a reduced or lack or libido – aka, sex drive.

You’ve probable heard of “hormone replacement” before as this is a well known method of increasing your testosterone levels back to an optimal level, but this method comes with many side effects and can be very expensive. So how else can you safely boost your testosterone? There are many testosterone boosters available, but do they actually work?

The truth to the question is – absolutely yes. If you find the right testosterone booster that focus’s on boosting your natural testosterone combined with a good diet and training program, you can be 100% confident that your worries of a low testosterone level will be a thing of the past – problem solved.

Introducing Testogen

We’ve listed Testogen as one of the our trusted supplement and testosterone booster supplier as their product is produced using natural ingredients and side effects a very minimal compared to other harmful products on the market.

The truth is, a high quality testosterone booster like Testogen is much MORE EFFECTIVE than hormone replacement. Often referred to as “Low Test” or “Low T”, Testogen can can help men combat the issue of a decreasing testosterone level and make them more active in their day-to-day lives, perform much better in the gym during when training and be more attentive in the bedroom.

Benefits of Using Testogen


  • Reduced body fat – especially around the abs, showing deep cut lines.
  • Much higher physical and mental performance.
  • Drastically increased strength.
  • Much quicker lean muscle growth.
  • Lower blood pressure and cholesterol
  • More motivation and higher sex drive.
  • Look awesome!





I’ve already mentioned that Testogen is an all natural testosterone booster. Here are the ingredients and the reason as to why many thousands of people consider this booster to be the best supplement to get ripped and build lean muscle mass at the same time –


This is what regulated the amount of amino acids in your body. Allowing an increase in amino acid will in turn trigger an increase in testosterone, thus producing more protein and more lean muscle mass


This is a substance that’s extracted from root plants and is described by many as a natural aphrodisiac. Aphrodisiac has a powerful formula that has the ability to strength erections and ignite your libido. There are also many studies available that directly link Ginseng with increasing a persons energy levels.


This has long been used in Asian medicines due to it’s anti-inflammatory qualities. Research and studies clearly point to this natural ingredient increasing the testosterone levels in men.


Vitamin D has a crucial role in this T-Booster as it prevents testosterone from transforming into estrogen which is widely known to hold fatty cells – therefore if estrogen can’t be formed, it is difficult to add fat. The perfect solution when trying to get ripped!


This is a seed that has very strong antioxidant qualities and has been closely linked to increasing testosterone levels as well as improving a lacking libido. In short this helps you look and feel great at the same time.


This is a strong mineral trace that essentially turbo charges the Fenugreek in booster. Selenium forces toxins from the body which in turn allows all organs to function at a much higher or optimal level. This includes your testosterone production…


Vitamin B is another source or amino acid, or rather an amino acid enabler. This vitamin assists in transforming carbohydrates into much needed energy to boost your natural energy levels and prevent fat building up. Adding this to Testogen, makes you more alert and feel great throughout the day.


Many people are unaware that they my be lacking in the mineral known as Zinc. This mineral is well-known for increasing a man sperm count and boosting testosterone which therefore also means an increase in libido.

Where Can You Buy Testogen?

One of the only cons of Testogen is that it’s only available to buy on the official Testogen website.

When buying your Testogen bottles, there are 3 options to easily choose between. The important piece of information you’ll need is, the more you want to buy, the more you’ll save.

You can purchase a single bottle (1 months supply) of Testogen capsule as option 1. The next option is 2 months, where you’ll get a 3rd bottle for free. With option 3 there are even bigger savings – when buying 3 bottles of Testogen you get an extra 2 bottles free plus a free ebook.

Here are your buying options –

1 Month Supply

Free Shipping

Save 12.5%

2 Month Supply

Free Shipping

Save 33.3%

3 Month Supply +

Free Shipping

Save 40%

Pros and Cons of Testogen


  • Testogen is produced using only natural ingredients, meaning there are no negative side effects often found with un-safe testosterone booster.
  • There are other health benefits like a decreased blood pressure and cholesterol.
  • You’ll see a much improved self confidence through increased libido, energy levels, stamina and motivation.
  • Testogen is very competitively priced. You’ll find compared to other testosterone booster, it’s much more affordable.


  • The testosterone booster is only available from the official Testogen website. You may be used to looking around and comparing prices and quality but this product is only available from one place.
  • There is a possibility of mild acne outbreaks but this is on a case by case basis and doesn’t effect everyone (this is the same for all testosterone boosters).

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