Burn Fat Fast with Jump Rope

Jump Rope / Skipping to Burn Fat and Look Lean

Ever considered added some skipping exercises into your training regime?  Ever seen a fat champion boxer, no?  Perhaps it’s time you gave skipping a go…

Jump rope training or skipping is arguably one of the easiest training exercises that is available to everyone with a rope and some space.

Aerobic Exercises

When thinking about aerobic and fat burning exercises there are common exercises that we automatically think of, such as; Running, Walking, Rowing and Cycling.  These are all great exercises that will continue to improve cardiovascular health & fitness and if exercised regularly will increase and improve strength and endurance.

High Intense Exercise: Fat Burning Zone

When entering exercise with the ambition to burn unwanted fat it’s important to think about what type of exercise will burn more calories and work for you.  Ultimately all aerobic exercise will give very similar results or benefits whether it be high or low intensity.

To learn or understand what your high intensity heart rate is the general rule is subtract your age from 220 then multiply by .80.

Benefits of High Intensity Skipping / Jump Rope

  • Burn more calories and fat faster
  • Increase metabolism during exercise and after for longer
  • Many fitness benefits in strength, endurance and recovery time
  • Improves overall health and fitness

Although seen as an impact exercise, when done in the right way, skipping or jump rope is a brilliant provider of a high intensity fat burning exercise and importantly it can be fun.  Without realising it definition will be added to your legs (mostly calves) and shoulders as they are constantly being engaged in this activity.

To skip or jump rope well you’ll need quite a high level or skill and patience and strength; all of which will develop the more you practice the exercise.  The more patient you are with this exercise, the more your skill level will increase and the more fat you will burn.  The only limit to this exercise it the person swinging the rope….you!

It isn’t commonly known but skipping or jump rope can burn more calories than other aerobic exercises in a shorter time.  For example with skipping / jump rope you can burn up to 1000 more calories per hour compared to rowing.  The exercise is best used in shorter bursts due to the impact but the rewards can be amazing.

Improvements From Skipping / Jump Rope

  • Burn more calories in a shorter period of time (more calories than other aerobic exercises)
  • Improve strength of joints due the impact nature of the exercise
  • Improve explosive strength, stamina and speed
  • Notice a new lean physique

Always Remember

All aerobic training causes an increased amount of fluid loss through sweating so it is very important to stay hydrated when exercises and continue to take on water before, during and after exercising.  It can be very noticeable the drop in performance when you are dehydrated.

Jump Rope Experts

For help getting started with a good effective jump rope exercise routine have a great easy to follow fat burning jump rope video to help you along.  If you don’t belong to any gym, don’t worry, you can follow this video and do the whole exercise in the privacy of your own home.