Chris Hemsworth Muscle Growth: Real or Fake?

Chris Hemsworth: His Huge Thor Transformation

How Chris Hemsworth Built Massive Muscle

You have used all the arrows in your quiver but have not yet hit your muscle growth targets. Stagnation is so frustrating, but there are a few things you can learn from celebrity Chris Hemsworth.

Everyone noticed Chris Hemsworth’s physical transformation for his movie role in Thor. Social media and blogs were and still are blazing with his before and after pictures.

He gained over 20lbs of muscle mass in just one year. Many believe that he must have used steroids to gain such lean muscle mass within a short time frame. If not, how did he transform so massively to fill out the role of a thundering Asgardian god? Let’s find out whether his gains are real or fake.

Before and After Thor

Before Thor, this famed actor’s last movie was Ca$h. He was averagely built in the film, nothing to draw attention to. After one year, he is seen in Thor towering with raw power, might, and muscles that look unbelievable. Many of his fans wonder whether he used steroids to get ripped, or was it all just hard work? To answer that lets first understand what happens during muscle building.

The Process of Muscle Growth

Chris Hemsworth build huge biceps

Before judging whether a bodybuilder is on steroids or not, you need to assess their body muscle composition over time. When a person that’s never hit the gym starts to lift weights, they usually experience a significant leap in muscle growth within the first few months. After that, they hit a plateau which is a period of stagnation. However, the jump we are talking about here is nothing to the tune of 9kg extra lean muscle as seen with Chris Hemsworth. That gain was way too high, and a smoking gun for that matter.

When a person hits the plateau stage, they might stay the same size for many years. So, if a person starts lifting weights and bulges up without any stagnation, it draws suspicion. In the movie, Ca$h Chris Hemsworth was just another averagely sized guy. Within one year he manages to get ripped and pack even more body mass. As we have now come to understand, he used no steroids. Without having to sound like a fortune-cookie philosophy, it was all just hard work and determination.

How Did He Grow Lean Muscle?

The movie star recently revealed that before Thor, he had never stepped into a gym. He only started lifting weights in preparation for the movie, and as he puts it, it was not a smooth experience. This proves that to build lean muscle and add raw power you don’t need to spend years in the gym. What you need is an extra-intense workout, and then a larger than life feeding. A combination of these might just be what you need to get ripped and look gigantic.

Diet Overhaul

Restructuring an athletic body into a muscular build was a task packed with many challenges for the star. Before hitting the gym for the movie, Hemsworth was into sporting activities like boxing and surfing. And then it hit him like a ton of bricks that he needed to do more if he was to fit into the role of Thor.

Hemsworth needed intense muscle building. So, he set out to revamp his diet. He had to eat like a hog all day every day, stuffing himself with lean protein and fresh broccoli. He says he would get worn out just from eating so much.

To add raw power and increase his strength, he switched to more efficient foods. For instance, he replaced rice with quinoa. He says Quinoa gave him both the carbs he needed for high energy workouts, and protein for muscle growth. But that was not all; he says he had to regularly stuff himself with chicken breasts, steak and fish, fruits, vegetables and brown rice. Perhaps unsurprisingly, Hemsworth says he didn’t have to be hungry to eat. He ate all the time, and he says he had to take between 3,500-4,000 calories per day.

Thundering Workouts

Diet change was just the tip of the iceberg. The real action was in the gym where he aimed to build lean muscle that would look convincing when he took the role of a thundering god. Forget the push-ups or sprinting he might have done before when training for surfing. His workout routines were seriously high impact.

Hemsworth core training to get ripped

Hemsworth’s personal trainer says that the star had to work out six days in a week, lifting heavy weights for about an hour. He raised 60 pounds on each hand, making it 120 pounds in total with four sets of 12 repetitions. To grow his biceps and upper body the star had to do standing curls, hammer curls, and seated incline curls.

To burn out all the calories he consumed, Hemsworth did four sets of leg presses, tire flips, sledgehammers and prowler sprints every day. He also did bench press and weighted pull-ups to strengthen his back as well as squats and deadlifts to build his leg muscles.

How Did He Stay Looking Lean?

Many bodybuilders face the risk of relapse, but that was not the case with Hemsworth. He has maintained the muscle mass to fit in Thor’s recurring role in The Avengers and Thor: The Dark World.

The actor understood that sticking to the same routines and workouts every day is the primary cause of stagnation, and the plateau we discussed earlier. Hemsworth therefore constantly switched weights and pace so that his body faced a new change every time he worked out. New and extreme workouts changed the impact on his muscles every day, but when they recovered, they were bigger and stronger.

Did He Use Steroids or Supplements?

Though it is not clear what exact supplements the star used, we understand that he might have used natural protein based supplements. That is how he went from a newbie to being a god in the gym. Every day at the gym he was able to lift more and more weights for a slightly longer period.

Massive biceps

My Final Takeaway

So, there you have a sneak peek into Thor’s divine secrets of gaining lean muscles fast. Try them, and you might share the success.

Please bear in mind, that everything written in this article is of my own opinion, or what I’ve read online before. I’m no stranger to the gym myself, so I know what it takes to build muscle, add mass and stay lean and ripped.

If you’re interested in reading more about training and building lean muscle, checkout another of my articles!

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