Cutting Cycles

What is a Cutting Cycle?

So you’re looking to start a ‘Cutting Cycle‘ either after following a successful Bulking Cycle or you’ve just decided you seriously need to get in shape.  You’ve made your decision, but thinking about it; what is a cutting cycle, and how does it work?

Let’ stake a look at what ‘cutting’ is and what it really mean.  To get ‘cut’ means we’re wanting to get lean or ripped, to get the muscular physique we’ve been putting the hours and training hard for.  Ultimately a cutting cycle is used as a controlled fat loss period with the benefit of keeping the mass muscle and gains.  Most people aren’t professional athletes or bodybuilders but still want to benefit from a cutting cycle and this is where cutting supplements come in.

A cutting cycle is the ideal method to get lean by increase muscle mass and shredding fat.  This is where you have mass on your body and you burn calories to create a deficit which in turns forces your body to find and burn energy from your fat stores.  All of our body produce and store a level of estrogen and body fat; two things that go hand-in-hand.  The aim in a cutting cycle is to break or disrupt this relationship as much as possible to make it move from the body – we all know that lean muscle looks a lot better when it isn’t surrounded in fat and water.



So how do cutting steroids or supplements help to get lean and have to ultimate physique.  The focus with a cutting cycle is to create a body environment that doesn’t contain body fat or estrogen and that is prime for increased muscle mass and power.  There are many combinations of cutting steroids to take; these are my key choices and combination;

Giving you explosive power and pure, lean muscle, Anvarol is used to increase lean muscle retention, strength and energy.

Used for extreme muscle gains, to maximum strength and stamina and reduce recovery time.  Testosterone Max increases inner power and drastically improves muscle mass.

An incredible steroids supplement for cutting that can be and is used in cutting cycles for increased fat loss, lean muscle retention, energy and endurance

Used for ultimate gains, incredible performance and rock hard muscles.  Winidrol gives you increased strength, lean muscle retention, performance and great power.



For the best way to make the cutting cycle work for you and to get the best results, it’s a good idea to plan your weeks ahead and plan your workout program.  To make the cutting steroid supplements work, you need to make the plan work for them.  I always say that all steroid supplement work in conjunction with a well planned workout schedule, they don’t work on their own.  Get planning, get training and enjoy the huge results!

Typical 4 Week Cutting Cycle


This Cutting Cycle produces results at all levels, whether you’re a trained athlete or someone looking to shed a little weight and get into shape.  When combined with a good workout plan, this cycle can assist in seeing visible results in a matter of weeks.  Once week for is complete, you can either take break and go back to a Bulking Cycle or continue for another 4 weeks and really enhance your physique.  You get out of training what you put in and this cycle unlocks your potential.

Typical 8 Week Cutting Cycle


After an 8 week Cutting Cycle you’re really see come incredible results.  Please bear in mind that these supplements don’t work on their own, you must have a well planned workout plan as well.  You should start to see results in the first 2 or 3 weeks and after that it’s all about work for the results you want.  You’ll feel and look lean with tight muscles.  You’ll finally see where all that training has gone and what you’ve achieved!