Drink Water and Lose Weight

Discover How Drinking Water Helps You Lose Weight

Drinking Water (PET to glass)I’ve heard it time and time again how we should drink water to make ourselves feel more full therefore we eat less and lose weight.  But I don’t agree with that philosophy so how does drinking water really help us lose weight and stay in good shape?  The easy answer is that drinking more water increases our metabolism therefore our bodies are work harder without us knowing it to burn off unwanted fat stores.  Therefore we shouldn’t drink water to feel full but to assist in burning off fat.  A little known fact is that by taking on more water more regularly stops your body from retaining water, therefore you lose the water weight you would have previously been carrying around.  This is what I think;

  • Drinking Before You Eat

So this slightly contradicts my original statement but drinking before you eat does play a role of weight loss but to be clear it isn’t the main reason to drink more water.  It is part of the whole process when drinking more water more regularly.  Your hunger will be slightly suppressed meaning during meals you will tend to take in less food therefore less calories.

  • Drink Water Instead of Soda and Fizzy Drinks

We all like sodas, fizzy drinks and juices but they all contain sugar so swapping these for a glass of water will definitely help you lose weight.  This was a easy change for me as I generally like the taste of water, but if you don’t like the taste or think it’s boring, try adding something to enhance the taste; like a slice or lemon or orange.  These will only add a little flavor but if it helps with the taste you will really benefit from the change.  If you’re not sure if these will really work, try it for a few weeks and physically see the difference.

  • Drink Ice Cold Water

In all honesty I had to do some research to see if this was true because I’ve always preferred my water to be chilled or “ice cold”.  According to studies, drinking ice cold water can boost your metabolism before your body has to work harder than normal to warm up the water.  This increases metabolism therefore means you’re losing weight just by in my opinion having a more refreshing glass of water.

  • Drink Water Then Hit The Gym

I’d like to think this is number one for anyone who hits the gym.  Keeping hydrated is the most important thing we should all keep in mind when working out as our bodies need water to keep going.  What a lot of people don’t consider are the other benefits of keeping hydrated and the effects it has on muscles and joints.  The water we take in essentially acts as a lubricant for our muscles and joints helping us training harder and for longer, therefore helping us burn more fat.

  • Continue Drinking: You Need To Get Enough

When it comes to drinking enough water, the common statement I tend to hear is “try and drink 2 litres per day” which I must admit is a pretty good amount, but the trick is to drink little and often rather a lot in one go.  Drinking water regularly can really help you lose weight and it’s a proven method that is constantly used my many across the globe.  If you need to, introduce a rule to help you drink more then do so, I always keep a couple of bottles of water in the fridge and my rule is as soon as I finish one bottle I refill it and exchange it for another bottle in the fridge.  You don’t have to spend money on new fresh bottles of water everyday, I tend to refill the bottles with tap water and buy new bottles every week or two.  This is a simple rule that works for me so find one that works for you.

A general rule of thumb to know if you’re getting enough water is to check the colour of your urine when you visit the bathroom. If you’re urine is clear then you’re well hydrated.  The darker the urine, the more water you need to drink.  If weight loss is your goal then you need to keep your urine clear.

Accelerate the Weight Loss Process

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