Fast Food Diets

Fast Food Diets for Bodybuilders – Do They Exist??

Nutrition is very important when it comes to reaching your health and fitness goals. This means that getting the right quantity calories as well as the right amount of proteins will be a very huge determinant. Sometimes, you can’t get the right type of food, and the only option is fast foods. Fast foods have often been perceived negatively. Despite all the negativity, fast food joints have revolutionised their meal plans, to include a host of healthier options. If you are into bodybuilding and you are considering a fast food diet, here are the available options.


arbysArby’s has recently included a list of healthy food options, which are suitable for those who are looking to build lean muscle. Most of their foods that have chicken come with less than 300 calories while giving the body more than 30 grams of proteins. However, you should always stick with the light menu, if you don’t want to gain an incredible amount of unhealthy fat. Consider the following:

  • The light grilled chicken: 30 grams of proteins and 280 calories
  • Light roast turkey deluxe: 33 grams of proteins and 260 calories
  • Light roast chicken deluxe: 33 grams of proteins and 260 calories

Some of the fast food diets to avoid at the restaurant include the bacon sandwich and roast turkey ranch

Jack-in-the Box

jackThis fast food restaurant has a great choice of foods for those who want to burn fat. One of them is the Chicken Fajita pita. It provides the body with 23 grams of proteins with a meagre 302 calories. It’s a better option than their hamburger, which has more fat and considerably less proteins.

For a quality post-workout food with few calories, then you should go with the Chicken Teriyaki Bowl. It has more than 100 grams of proteins with less than 550 calories. The things to avoid include the bacon ultimate cheeseburger – this cheeseburger has only 46 grams of protein, with more than 1000 calories.


kfc-chicken-burgerFitness experts and friends might tell you that you should avoid KFC altogether, if you want to burn fat and stay lean…… This could not be further from the truth.

The reality is KFC have some tasty and solid menu items, which are largely nutritionally sound. The Original Recipe Sandwich as well as the Tender Roast Sandwich is great options. However, you should have them without sauce.

  • Tender Roast Sandwich: 31 grams of protein and 270 calories
  • Original Recipe Chicken Breast: 40 grams of proteins and 370 calories
  • Original Recipe Sandwich: 29 grams of protein and 320 calories

Stay away from the Pot Pie Chunky Chicken!


submeltMost menu items on Subway are friendly to bodybuilders. It’s one of the best choices to lead you to your fitness goals. For an all-round healthy meal plan, stick with chicken and add a great amount of onions and hot peppers – your taste buds and stomach will appreciate.

Here are the available menu items from Subway for bodybuilders.

  • 6” Roasted Chicken: 24 grams of proteins and 330 calories
  • 6” Subway Club: 24 grams of proteins and 320 calories
  • 6” Sweet Onion Chicken Teriyaki: 26 grams of protein and 380 calories

Avoid the 6” meatball. It contains 24 grams of protein and 580 calories

Final Thought

Fast food joints are a great option for bodybuilders and fitness enthusiasts alike. They have great menu items, which pack a significant amount of proteins and few calories, which as we already know are the building blocks to a great diet plan. So are the stereotypical old fashioned negative notions about fast food diets true? In the cases we’ve highlighted in this article…… No!

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