Get Motivated

Get Motivated with Arnold Schwarzenegger: His Six Rules of Success

 We all have hero’s that inspire us and make us want to do or be better in anything or everything we do.  Arnold Schwarzenegger as he is for millions of others is one of my hero’s.  These are his six rules of success.

Rules For Success:

  1. Trust Yourself
  2. Break The Rules (not the law)
  3. Don’t Be Afraid To Fail
  4. Ignore The Naysayers
  5. Work Your Butt Off
  6. Giving Something Back

From time to time we can all suffer a lack of motivation and find excuses or reason why we shouldn’t or “can’t” train today.  You’ve got to want to be better or want to achieve things before you can see results.  Once asked to describe his success in one word, Arnold Schwarzenegger replied with “Dream”.  He dream’t of greater things and didn’t stop working until he’s achieved them.  Didn’t listen to what others thought or said when they disagreed with him.  Believe in yourself and dream big, the biggest obstacle you can put in the way is only yourself.