Get Ripped Drinking Coffee

Can You Get Ripped Drinking Coffee?

Coffee is big business in the modern world with the equivalent of approximately 150 million Americans drinking a form of coffee each day. This equates to around $12 billion in annual sales for independent coffee shop retailers!! In this article we’re going to explore how coffee can impact you as a fitness person or someone who trains with weight and how you can benefit from including coffee into your diet and pre-training preparations…

Think of that guy next to you in the gym sipping on his Starbucks may know something about coffee that you don’t. Athletes, including bodybuilders, have reported feeling generally stronger and more competitive after consuming a caffeine product, such as coffee. Caffeine is known to produce metabolic effects on skeletal muscles and adipose tissues as well as on the central nervous system.

Research has shown that caffeine from coffee can increase mobilization and use of fatty acids, which spares muscle glycogen. Below is an expanded view of some benefits of drinking black coffee for bodybuilders that you perhaps didn’t know about.

Increased Athletic Performance

Several studies have linked caffeine intake before a workout to increased athletic performance. That’s because caffeine in coffee raises adrenaline and stimulates the central nervous system to increase your pain threshold; this, in turn, allows you to push even harder and delay exhaustion.

Put more simply, coffee makes workouts more tolerable, stokes endorphin expression and lowers the level of effort required or needed to perform certain workout exercises. A task that requires 95% effort may only take 80% of your effort after consuming a sizable cup of freshly brewed black coffee just before the workout.

Accelerates Fat Loss

Caffeine from black coffee induces the release of stored fat in your body in a process known as lipolysis, in which stored fat molecules are broken down into free fatty acids and glycerol. The end result is that your body will have a bunch of fatty acids shooting around in your blood system, giving the sensation of feeling like you can punch through a wall of bricks.

Now, your body can use the free fatty acids as fuel during workouts instead of breaking down lean muscle or carbs. A combination of inflated fatty acids and intensive workouts eventually results in increased oxidation of fatty acids. Additionally, high levels of caffeine from freshly brewed coffee increases your metabolism, which translates to burning more calories…… You’re on to a winner!

Improves Focus

In addition to increased energy and endurance to push through your workout, black coffee offers increased mental focus and concentration as well as improved awareness. Now, being more alert with improved focus will make your workouts productive and more effective.

Great Source of Antioxidants

Coffee is the greatest source of antioxidants in our modern diets. Antioxidants are known for preventing cancer and reversing the negative effects of aging. In combination with the right vitamins and proteins, antioxidants can help in renewing body cells and minimizing the wear and tear effects of workouts on your body tissues.

Improved Micro-Circulation

Recent research published in a Japanese Magazine revealed that people who were initially not regular coffee consumers experienced a 30% boost in blood flow after consuming 5 ounces of black coffee compared to before. Enhanced blood circulation is typically associated with improved oxygen supply to your tissues; which boosts your workout performance.

Drinking Coffee

So, does drinking coffee help you with your bodybuilding and general workout? Yes, it does if you reflect on the above points. However, it’s important to keep some things in mind when dealing with coffee, like any other strong stimulant.

First, this is coffee, which means you will need to go a little slow if you were not initially a regular coffee drinker. Secondly, drink coffee before exercise to enjoy its bodybuilding benefits, not after. Finally, understand that coffee can be addictive, so you should limit your consumption to not more than two cups per day.

Limiting your consumption isn’t just a good idea to prevent any addictions but also because like any other stimulants (or legal steroids), by consuming too much or too often can reduce the impact that it has. Your body can and probably will build up a barrier or blocker against it rather than absorb and use the benefits.


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