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Starting Your Day with a Fruit Blast Smootie


Smoothies are becoming increasingly more popular within the health and fitness world…..and for good reason too.  Full of natural and very easy to access ingredients these are the perfect homemade supplement to kick start your day or give you a booster when you need an energy kick.


What Ingredients Do You Use?


The beauty of a fruit and/or vegetable smoothie is that there is a huge variety to choose from. Just using your favourite fruits, vegetables and nuts with some milk or water, you can create the ultimate weight loss drink or energy blast.

If you want your smoothie to fill you up a little more then why not add a handful of flattened or pressed oats?  Personally I like to add oats to my smoothies when I’m cutting and I know my meals are going to be stretched through the day.


The Science behind a Healthy Smoothie

Your body digests raw fruit and vegetables much faster than un-natural ingredients.  Every felt overly full or regularly have indigestion after eating meals?  This is the cause of food sitting in your stomach taking time to break down, be digested and absorbed by your body.

Many people complain of bloating or light stomach cramps after drinking smoothies or eating fruits and this can simply be solved by the order in which you eat your foods. Raw, nutrient dense foods (like fruit, leafy greens, cold pressed nut and seed milks etc) move through your intestines at a much faster rate than cooked foods. If you eat cooked foods before drinking a smoothie or eating some fruit, the raw foods will get ‘stuck’ behind the slow moving cooked foods which can then start to break down and rot quickly, causing cramps and bloating.

A Quick and Very Tasty Smoothie

IMG_6825One of my “go-to” smoothies is a quick an easy one that takes no more than a couple of minutes to create and tastes delicious…..every time!

These are the ingredients;


Everyone loves bananas right?  They contain more sugar than most fruits and take the longest to digest, the benefits being you get a great energy boost that is slow release so you have more energy for longer.  Tennis players eat bananas during their games for this very reason as well as the fact that they’re loaded with potassium which helps prevent cramping.


These are a great summery addition to any smoothie in my eyes.  Packed full of antioxidants like vitamin C, strawberries are a true super food!


These are sweet and add juice to your smoothie, they also have a great anti-cancer quality as they contain a very powerful antioxidants called polyphenols.  You can add green, red or black grapes to your smoothie, they all offer similar qualities.


This is how you  get a good level of fiber into your smootie and diet. The levels of fiber found in blueberries can help lower the total amount of cholesterol in your blood.


The result of adding oats makes for a much thicker smoothie.  When broken down in a blender, the oats will absorb some of the juices from the fruit as well as the milk and / or water.  Oats will also give you extra nutrients boost as they contain beta-glucans which are also proven to lower cholesterol.  Importantly, oats are one of the only foods that can do this.

Water / Milk / Juice

The liquid you add to your smoothie although crucial to make it drinkable is really down to personal preference.  I prefer to add a small amount of skimmed milk with twice as much water to allow the fruit itself to flavour the smoothie.  You can however use, full milk, natural yogurt or fruit juices – always remember that each liquid comes with a different sugar and fat content so think about what you want to achieve before adding too much.  This is a very much trial and error until you find the perfect smoothie that works for you.

Blend all of the ingredients until smooth, you can add more milk and/or water until you have the consistency you like.  The beauty of a homemade smootie is that you decide what’s right and wrong as you’re the one drinking it!

My Opinion


Ultimately this is just my opinion, it’s something that I’ve added into my daily healthy living lifestyle and it suit the way I live and go about things.  It isn’t for everyone, but if I’m able to help others by sharing my experiences then I’ve achieved something.

Give it a go and experiment.  Find something that works for you and make being healthy part of your lifestyle.

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