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My Story: My Results

Fitness has always played a large part in my life. Playing sports, training in the gym or making sure I’m always getting the right nutrition is important to making sure I’m able to stay in shape and be healthy. After spending years of trying many different ways to look lean, the penny finally dropped a few years ago and everything clicked into place – you could say this was my “Eureka” moment!

In this article I’m going to tell my story – how I went from “Mr Average” to drastically reducing my body fat and being ripped and lean!

How I lost body fat and get ripped fast

The before and after images of me above are taken approx. 3 years apart, but most of my “gains” were made in the last 4-6 months, and I’ll happily tell you how.

My fitness journey started a few years ago. As I’ve already stated, sports and fitness has already played a big part of my life, whether I’ve been playing sports, trying a new diet or just training in the gym. It wasn’t until I stopped seeing “diets” as a good method of getting lean and ripped that I finally realised where I’d been going wrong all these years.

Once I’d got my head around the fact that to burn more body fat I needed to simply eat more food the results started to roll in and I soon got my body fat percentage down to about 7%. I don’t mean I just started stuffing my face with anything and everything I could find, but I started seeing food as a fuel rather than just, well food.

Changing My Eating Habits

It’s very easy to think, to lose weight, you just need to eat less, therefore your body has less food inside so you’ll weigh less. Here’s the interesting part…. In the before and after image of me, I weigh approx. 2kg heavier in the after image….that’s right!

When I started seeing food as fuel, it was easy to burn body fat and introduce more lean muscle mass.

Before I Got RippedI eat roughly 4-5 smaller meals a day now, and because of my training routine or habits, my body is constantly using energy and burning fat. I’ll come on to my training in a little while….

I don’t always eat breakfast – depending on when I’m planning on training as I sometimes like to train on an empty stomach, due to fat burning qualities that are involved with that method. I generally eat straight after training and that normally consist of a low carb, high protein meal. Only sometime small to replenish the energy I’ve just used in the gym.

Lunch usually consists of chicken with eggs, salad and maybe some nuts. In the afternoon I’ll sometimes have a banana and oats or maybe rice cakes.

Water is crucial to anytime sports of fitness activity, but what many people forget is that you have to maintain your water levels throughout the day. I once heard a doctor on the radio say something like; “not drinking water is like trying to go down a water slide with the water turned off….you’re just going to get stuck”, and the exact same thing goes for all of the organs in your body.

Your body needs water to digest and breakdown food!

We all have vices, and for me it’s coffee. I really like the smell and the taste, and luckily for me, I’ve been able to add this into my daily routine, both as method of increasing my metabolism, but also, to just enjoy. That’s why one of the first things I do in the morning, is to brew and enjoy a strong expresso. This does two things for me –

  • It warms my body therefore kicks starts the fat burning process as my body will naturally try and cool itself down.
  • The caffeine kick starts my metabolism, so before I’m out of the door on the way to work, my body is already in a higher gear, ready to start burning unwanted fats.

Although I’ve said, I stopped seeing food as just food and starting seeing it more as essential food for my body, I still really enjoy the process of eating and I think that’s important. I still enjoy and evening meal, but I’m simply more conscious now of what good foods are and the quantities of the different food groups that I should be eating to maintain a certain physique.

Increasing My Training

I think it’s important to enjoy what you do, otherwise you can get bored very quickly and lose any interest in progressing and moving forward. I love hitting the gym and working out, whether I’m going through a phase of heavy lifting, reducing the weights and smashing out the reps, or pushing myself through a HIIT or cardio session, as long as I’m training, I’m having a good time.

I used to go to the gym, 5 or 6 days a week and go through the same old workout routine and to be totally honest, I’d made some good headway, but I was never going to set the world alight. I plateau’d very quickly and it was difficult to see any real, noticeable results.

So what did I change??

How I Got RippedFirstly I introduced two training sessions a day, but I also only workout for 4 days a week. So in total, I now (most of the time) workout 8 times a week for approx. 1 hour each time. You might be wondering, why don’t I just workout for 2 hours at a time, but shortly 1 hour sessions work best for me.

Each morning I get up really early and get in the gym to complete an intense cardio and/or HIIT session. This can consist of 10-15km on the elliptical machine or treadmill, followed by a round HIIT – of which can vary depending on what equipment is available and how I’m feeling on the day. Short intense HIIT sessions are perfect for burning body fat to get ripped.

I also like to jump on the stationary rower machine but this tends to be shorter, more intense workouts of generally, no more than 30 minutes. Currently I’m favouring cycling and completing 20km at a very intense pace. I get a real leg pump from this and I can really feel my lungs expanding so I know fat is being shredded!

Afternoons are all about weights for me – “Do you even lift bro?!”

The second workout of the day is dedicated to lifting, and I like to cycle through two different types of lifting; German Volume Training (GVT), which is essentially ten sets of ten reps, and then heavier weight and lower rep lifting. I generally stick to one method for two to three weeks before changing things up.

I really enjoy GVT as I tend to get a really good sweat and a really good pump. In truth, I think it’s since I added this training method into my workouts, when I started to see noticeable results in the mirror. I’ve written an article on GVT, with some great workout tips, so if you’re interested in knowing more – Click Here.

When it comes to weight training, I always focus on different core muscle groups each day, but I know there are many people who’ll disagree with this and prefer to train every muscle group on the same day. This is a method that has really worked for me, so I don’t see a need to change, and when I look in the mirror, the result speak for themselves!

Creating This Website

I started this website after being asked by fellow gym goers, “Whats your secret?, and “Can anyone do it?”. The truth is, there is no real secret, there an many different ways to train and workout that will produce results. The trick is just find the method that works best for you and that you enjoy. After all, if it wasn’t fun, we wouldn’t do it.

So that’s why I started writing about my workout, nutrition and fitness experiences, the different things I’ve tried, and what has worked best for me. If I can help just a handful of people to achieve their dream fitness or physical goals, then the website has been a total success.

I’m a big advocate of the “try before you buy” mentality, so I make sure that I try all of the workouts I write about, before they get published on this site, and if I think they need to be tweaked to make them more valuable to the reader and user, that’s exactly what I do. If it’s not good enough for me, then in my book, it’s not good enough for you – you deserve the best!

Why Do I Promote Products?

Taking supplements has always been a taboo subject for many fitness and bodybuilding experts, mostly because we all have our own opinion on what is good and what, well….isn’t. My suggestion to anyone looking to add high quality supplements into their training programme, is to go for something as natural as possible. Why? Because, this puts your body in total control in terms of the way it absorbs, uses and reacts to the substances.

There is also the subject of using steroids and pros and cons to using these. Let me set the record straight, right off the bat – the products you’ll find on my website are steroid alternatives, and by that I mean, they are products that are specifically designed and engineered using natural plants extracts to mimic the impact of anabolic steroids. The beauty behind using theses steroid alternatives is that you get all of the amazing benefits, without the nasty side effects – winner winner!!

The brands I’ve included on my site are Crazy Bulk, Testogen and Marine Muscle. These are all brands that I’ve added as trusted suppliers of legal and safe steroid alternatives. If you’re interested in reading more about any of these brands, click the links below.

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Thanks for reading my story and I hope I’ve been able to help you along your own journey. Good luck on achieving your goals – check out the rest of my site to see if there’s something else I can help you out with!

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