How to Build Massive Arms

Sun’s Out Guns Out:  Get Huge Arms

You want to get bigger arms, the kind of arms that look good whether you’re wearing sleeves or not.  If you’re willing to dedicate 40 minutes and work your arms to the point where you struggle to lift them, then read on a little further where I’ve detailed a great exercise combination to get your arms pumps and beach ready!

The secret to getting bigger arms is to make sure you train the Tricep just as hard if not harder than the Bicep. Why? Because the Tricep is naturally bigger, it’s namesake says it all; the Tricep has 3 heads why the Bicep has two.

In total I recommend six exercises, three simple but extremely effective exercises on each muscle and you’ll be in the gym for about 40 minutes or so.  When you leave you’ll have an awesome pump that make even the most harden bodybuilder jealous.

So, are you ready to get to work??!


imagesExercise 1: Incline Dumbbell Curls

This is a great but a simple and arguably the most common and effective exercise for isolating the long head of the bicep.  It is very important to make sure this is done correctly without any jerky movements and swinging from other muscle groups.

Use a bench in the inclined position and sit back with a dumbbell in each hand and your arms fully stretched out.  Curl the dumbbells up together while keeping your elbows still, at least through the first 90˚. Keep your palms facing up at all times so your elbow flexors are well stretched.

The incline dumbbell curl is an exercise you can include in every arm workout, but it’s recommended to change the angle of the incline bench every six workouts to prevent you muscles from adapting to one angle.

Exercise 2: Close Grip Chin Ups

If your arms haven’t grown for a while, you might want to consider doing this move more often. It’s a surefire mass builder. Grasp the chin-up bar with a close grip. The palms of your hands should be facing you about 8-12cm apart. Pull yourself up until your chin clears the bar. Do this very slowly – it should take about 15 seconds or so. Then, slowly lower yourself to the start position.

You won’t get many reps in the bag, but that doesn’t matter because you want to expose your muscles to the maximum amount of tension. And don’t short-change yourself by not coming all the way down. Range of motion is critical.

Exercise 3: Dumbbell Preacher Curls

Most biceps exercises require some assistance from other muscle groups, but the preacher bench was designed to isolate the biceps to maximise the pump and the result. Most gyms have standing and sitting preacher benches. I prefer the seated version because it minimises cheating.

Siting on the bench with one arm fully extended, use your free hand to lock your triceps in position. As you curl the weight, keep your neck aligned by looking straight ahead. You should keep tension on the muscle throughout the repetition, making sure you don’t curl the weight up until your forearm touches your biceps, but make sure you do lower the weight all the way back to the start.


triceps-pushdown-1Exercise 1: Push Downs

This is an exercise practised by a lot of people in the gym but time and time again I see it being down wrong with a curved, hunched back and elbows sticking out like flapping wings.  Doing this is isn’t working your triceps.

Thinking about the number of reps you want to try and reach, find a weight you think you can just about hit.  Use the straight bar gripping it slightly less than shoulder width apart.  Keep you body straight, elbows tucked in and your core engaged at all times as you press down on the bar.  Squeeze your triceps as much as possible at the bottom of the rep and slow control the movement back up.  Bring the bar back up to wear your forearms and pressed against your biceps.

Allowing your elbows to raise slightly at this point will engage the long head of your triceps more, meaning you use more muscle fibres.  Ensure you always stand up tall and DO NOT HUNCH OVER THE BAR.

Exercise 2: Dumbbell Skull-Crushers

Dumbbell skullcrushers are extremely effective in gaining results, improving strength and ultimately getting bigger arms.  Start with the dumbbells straight up in the air above your face. Lower the dumbbells all the way to the floor behind your head.

As you begin to pull them back up, straighten your arms until they reach full extension, but keep the angle of your upper arm at about 45-60 degrees from the floor to keep the tension on your muscles.

Exercise 3: Cable Kickbacks

This is a great exercise to isolate the tricep muscle and work the long heads of the muscle.  Set the cable at the bottom of the rack and take off any attachments, you don’t need any of these to do this properly.  Get into a staggered stance with your back straight and lean over at the waist.

Raise your elbow so your upper arm is parallel to the floor, and never let it drop past this point. This whole motion is anchored from the elbow: flex, extend, and repeat.

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