How to Look More Vascular

Get Ripped & Look More Vascular

A muscular body comes with many perks for both men and women

Get ripped and look vascular

If you’re a man, you get to ride the glorious wave of ladies swooning all over you whenever you step out in a tight shirt. Ladies that are fit and toned in the right places get the same attention from men too.

Let’s face it, you have probably done and tried a thousand things to get ripped fast and build lean muscle, but have you achieved your goal so far? Boxers, bouncers, athletes, models, and anyone else that needs or wants fast body results: here is a full proof guide to add size to your physique and burn unwanted body fat at the same time. Everything you need to get shredded and looking vascular

Train Smart

In order to look shredded and more vascular in a short period of time, you will need two things when you’re working out –

  • Resilience
  • Discipline

Your body has to burn more calories than you consume, thus creating a calorie deficit. But you don’t have to sweat blood in the gym. Here is an easy, smart way to work out and get ripped fast: consistent core training and regular cardiovascular exercises.

Core Training: Pull and Push

Core training will strengthen your trunk, pelvis, and spine. Proper core training can help you get ripped fast by growing muscles such as:

  • Abdominal muscles
  • Back muscles
  • Hip muscles
  • Biceps and triceps
  • Shoulder muscles

The right core exercise should simulate your everyday activities like walking, sitting, standing and lifting objects. Consider the following core exercises during your training:


Get ripped and look vascular

Pull-Ups will develop your back muscles and biceps. Grip the pull-up bar with both of your hands and start pulling your body up and down. To achieve faster body results, grip the bar with your palms facing out. This will cause your lats to spread faster and look extremely wide.


Get into a push-up position with hands spread on the ground wider than the normal shoulder width. Lowering into a contracted position engages the back muscles and rising works on your chest. Hold at the low end for a count of three seconds before pushing back up. This will also engage your core more than you think meaning you’ll start burning body fat around your middle.

Other chore training exercises that will give bigger arms muscles, legs, and a stronger chest include; delta raises, chest press, rope jump, and squats.

Cardio: Walk The Walk

Intense training over a short period of time may not give you the results you seek. Burning fat can be as easy as walking. You can burn 150 calories by just going on a 30-minute walk. However, the walk should be brisk and intense. High-intensity walks are effective for blasting fat. Walk all the way to the bus station in the morning when you go to work. At work take the stairs instead of the elevator, and you’ll be burning fat and getting shredded in no time!

Walk more at the weekend; to the mall, to church, and around the neighbourhood on undulating paths. Maintain a straight posture during your walks and practice pulling in your abdomen at all times. Walking helps to:

  • Grow your calf muscles
  • Grow your arm and shoulder muscles
  • Grow your thigh muscles

Other aerobic exercises for faster body results include running, hiking and cycling. Cycling especially, can work your legs extremely hard help you add some serious bulk in the process.

Eating Right

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Proteins are the building blocks you need to get ripped fast. And again, proteins are used by the body to burn unwanted fat. On a typical day, you can grab peanut butter and fresh raspberries on toast in the morning. Slow cooker fiesta chicken soup will give the proteins you need for lunch and lean meat for dinner. Vegetarians should consider lentils, beans or soy for their protein needs.


Your body needs vitamins to grow and develop. You can get vitamins by eating a diet that includes plenty of fruits and vegetables. Your body needs vitamins B1- B12 for your metabolism to burn unwanted fats. To gain muscle mass fast, eat foods such as whole grain, cereals, and legumes. A cup of milk in the morning, green vegetables at lunch and potatoes, eggs or soybeans at dinner can help you acquire a much bigger physique.


Getting ripped requires energy, and you get that strength by eating plenty of carbohydrates. If you include the right type and amount of carbohydrates in your diet, you will succeed in muscle building. Consume more of the starch-resistant carbs that are full of fibres. Fibre carbohydrates are ideal for muscle building because fibre is effective in fat metabolism.

For breakfast, serve yourself cereals. For fast body results, double your cereal servings and mix with a scoop of whey protein supplements. Similarly, eat bagels, potatoes, rice, and muffins during the day.

Using Supplements

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Supplements will give you the extra strength and nutrients you need to build lean muscles and burn unwanted fat. These minerals are usually found in trace amounts in certain foods, but taking them directly in the form of capsules or powder solution can be the magic for a shredded physique.


Biotin supplements are effective in converting carbs and proteins to energy. With biotin, you will burn unwanted body fat and look shredded within a short time.


It helps to boost muscle strength. This supplement will help you go the extra mile in the gym so that you can burn body fat and grow muscle faster.

Omega 3:

Omega 3 is a fast body transformer. Supplementing your diet with this can help you convert your body fat to muscles in just a few days.

Whey protein:

Whey protein powder is so effective that you will build lean muscles and gain mass in a short period of time. The protein powder comes from different sources including animal proteins like cheese, milk, soy and other plant proteins.


Without magnesium supplements, you might hit a dead end in muscle building. Magnesium is used in muscle contraction, and it aids to reduce fatigue when you work out.


Having riboflavin in plenty can help you develop more muscles. This supplement is used in the metabolism of protein, carbohydrates, and fats.


Zinc will help your body to produce testosterone, which is a much-needed hormone for muscle building and recovery after a workout.

Best Supplements for Getting Ripped

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In Summary

Looking vascular is easier than you think. All you have to do is workout smart, eat well and supplement your diet with essential minerals. Bam! There you have it, the guide to help you look shredded in just a short period of time.

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