Hugh Jackman’s Muscle Growth: Real or Fake

Hugh Jackman: Wolverine Body Transformation

Hugh Jackman Before and After Wolverine

Hugh Jackman entered the comic book audience’s radar when he was called in to play the short, muscular Marvel superhero Wolverine. This is the same individual who was named as the Sexiest Man Alive by People magazine in 2008. In short, Hugh Jackman was born to play the quintessential adamantium-clawed scrapper!

But when Jackman first appeared in the same role for the X-Men movie in 2000, something was missing. He didn’t look the part.

Then, it happened in 2009 when he appeared in X-Men Origins; Jackman was indeed ripped! His physique also continued to improve in The Wolverine & The Days of Future Past.

The question is, how did Hugh Jackman get the superhuman muscle growth? How was he able to get so spectacularly ripped?

How Did Hugh Jackman Build Lean Muscle?

Let’s be honest, while it’s true that Jackman is a bit of a stud, it wasn’t until he took the part of Wolverine that he started getting ripped. A major key to the transformation is Jackman’s trainer David Kingsbury, who has worked alongside the actor on all the Marvel movies.

Prior to Wolverine, Hugh Jackman had just come off the musical production of Les Miserables. This left him very lean and small because the requirement for Les Miserables was to make him as lean as possible while retaining his core strength and muscle mass, as per his character. The actor then preceeded to work out until the physique was the same as his character, and he did it in a limited timeframe of just 5 months. David Kingsbury mentioned or rather, revealed that Jackman’s body finally started to transform during the last 3 months before the show.

The Hugh Jackman Training Method

David Kingsbury had Hugh Jackman do a progressive overload training plan in order to increase strength, using basic compound lifts such as the deadlift, squat, the bench press, etc.

David wanted to add raw power in a surefire manner, so he had Jackman start off slow and use up just a small percentage of the max, then moving up gradually in weights while dropping the reps in order to easily pass plateaus in just a short time.

The 4th week is marked by lifting lighter weights in order to facilitate the recovery process. David says that this classic system is one that he trusts for solid gains, and it is widely proven to work.

The remaining exercises were old-school. There were circuits and supersets that thoroughly burned off any fat, revealing pure lean muscles. This type of workout cannot be seen in the latest magazines as they were age-old techniques that aren’t as popular as the newer ones.

Hugh Jackman Looking Super Ripped

Jackman explains the method behind the madness. He says that there wasn’t any point in bulking up because it was unnecessary. The emphasis was to build lean muscle and keep the muscle functionality at 100 percent at all times. This is not the usual gym routine where the aim for example, is to have bigger arms. Jackman’s training is totally balanced and built upon the work that no one else would want to do. The hard exercises are all manual and devoid of any exercise machine. The result? The actor proudly claims that he’s in his best shape he’s ever been.

When you feel good, you look even better!

Training is divided into two parts – the cutting and the bulking process. It’s clean bulking all the way. Jackman’s trainer made sure that the calories were counted to get the leanest muscle gain possible in an everyday setting.

During the bulking process, Hugh Jackman did intermittent low-intensity exercises to keep the body fat down while bulking up the muscle. Weight training was not progressive; in fact, it was pretty much the same all throughout. The only notable change was how Jackman’s body fat went down according to the cardio exercises he was given and the calories he consumed every day.

Are Hugh Jackman’s Gains Real or Fake?

Is it possible to get to a Wolverine-like physique without the use of steroids or supplements?

Trainer David Kingsbury took it upon himself to transform Hugh Jackman into Wolverine for the silver screen. The athleticism, definition, strength and size were all perfect. In short, Jackman looked the part, and all he needed to do was to play the part.

Was hard work enough to get to where he was?

Keep in mind that there’s no evidence to suggest that Hugh Jackman used steroids, but the eyes can tell a different story. Coupled with a bit of common sense, you would be able to say whether or not Jackman used muscle-building supplements or steroids to get ripped.

Note that an actor also has to work on other parts of acting. Things like rehearsals, reading scripts, shooting and practicing are just as time-consuming as getting physically ready for the role.

Hugh has mentioned that one of the greatest challenges was to get much-needed rest while building up the Wolverine body. He says that on some days he only got 5 to 6 hours of sleep, with the workout going in the early morning. Naps during the day were encouraged for recovery.

High Jackman Training For Wolverine

Hugh Jackman’s stunning transformation has baffled many, many have thought he used steroids to achieve Wolverine’s physique in the comics. As you may have known, Wolverine in the comics is a ripped maniac with adamantium claws and a penchant for bloody violence.

One way of telling whether a person has used steroids is when the skin is flushed, or has an extremely sun-burnt hue. Take a look at Jackman’s neck and chest in the X-Men Days of Future Past. Red skin can result from training while you’re in a state of spiked blood pressure or having a high body temperature. It shows that there’s high thermogenic activity hapening, i.e, fat-burning steroids and the like.

Excess vascularity is another sign of steroid use. This is because the skin thins out while red blood cells are being produced. Less skin means the veins will be more prominent. But since Hugh Jackman was 41 years old in Origins, this could explain the more vascular muscles he showed audiences in the movie.

Bulking steroids are out since Jackman didn’t appear bigger or have increased with significant muscle mass. Testosterone and other bulking compound will noticeably have an effect on Jackman’s physique.¬†There’s still the possibility that Hugh Jackman was able to achieve the Wolverine physique without any steroid or supplements. After all, it’s a realistic goal if you’re really dedicated and follow the prescribed workout routine.

More Testosterone = More Gains

There is one golden rule when it comes to adding lean muscle mass and shredding unwanted fat – Testosterone. This is a naturally produced hormone that stimulates muscle growth. As we age, the levels of testosterone that we produce begins to decrease, so therefore so would the gains that we make.

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