Killer Kettle Bell Workout

Get Ripped Using a Kettle Bell

6 killer exercises to get your heart rate racing and your body pumping to burn fat, get fit and look ripped! If you want this HIIT (high intensity interval training) routine to work, you need to be willing to push yourself – resting and catching your breath after each individual exercise will make you feel better and make the routine seem easier, but you won’t benefit in the long run.

What you’ll need to complete this HIIT circuit – 

  • A kettle bell (16kg or 20kg)
  • Some room
  • A stop watch or timer

Ideally you need to do each individual exercise for 30 seconds, but if you can handle it, set the time to 60 seconds per exercise – it’ll be worth it!

Kettle Bell Swings

Select a kettle bell at a comfortable weight. The weight should be a challenge as anything too easy will not push you enough during the routine. For example; I am 5ft 9in tall, weigh 75kg and use a 20kg kettle bell.

  • Stand with your feet just wider than shoulder width apart with the kettle bell resting on the floor, between your legs.
  • Keeping your back straight, bend at the knee and take hold of the kettle bell.
  • Swing the kettle bell forward until it is at eye level.
    • Remember to keep you arms straight.
    • Keep your back in a straight position – you shouldn’t bend / lean forward.
    • Thrust your hips forward and extend from the knee.
  • When in the upright position you are half way through the movement.
  • As the the kettle bell swings back, remember to reverse all the previous steps without the bell touching the floor.
  • When the kettle bell is between your legs again but not resting on the floor, repeat from step 3.


  • Start lying on the floor on your front.
  • Place your hands on the floor in the position they would be if you were starting a press-up.
  • Raise your hands and feet slightly off the floor – you’re now in the starting position.
  • Begin by pushing yourself up with your hands and feet and tucking your legs under you.
  • From the squat position, jump up fully extending your body as you do so.
  • As  you land you need to repeat the actions in reverse to get yourself to the starting position again.
  • Once your feet have touched the floor and you have placed your hands down, push your legs back our behind you.
  • When legs are extended, lying on the floor once more, raise your hand and feet away from the floor and go again!
    • Remember the idea is to be continually moving, so if you need to go at a slower pace to ensure you don’t stop for breath, then that’s OK.
    • Better to keep moving than to sprint and stop every few seconds for breath.

Lunge with Bicep Curl

This will engage you core and work on your balance as well as leg and arm strength.

  • Hold the kettle bell in your right hand.
  • Lunge forward with your right leg until your knee is bent at almost 45 degrees.
  • Once in the lunge position, do one full bicep curl.
  • After the bicep curl, bring yourself back to the initial standing position.
  • This is one repetition – continue this full movement until the time is up.
  • Once the timer has elapsed, change sides and go again working on the opposite arm and leg.
    • Remember to always keep your back straight and to not bend or arch your back.

Single-Arm Clean & Press

Again, working on your balance by engaging your core, this exercise is primarily about shoulder strength.

  • Starting with the kettle bell on the floor, on the inside of your right leg.
  • Stand with your feet approx. shoulders width apart.
  • Bend at the knee and in a clean motion, bring the kettle up to you shoulder.
  • The final part of the exercise is to press the kettle bell above your head.
  • The aim is to complete part 1 and part 2 seamlessly.
  • Once you’ve completed the right side for the selected 30 or 60 seconds, swap side and start again.
    • You should always keep your back straight as before to prevent and straining or injury.

Hippo Raises

You get to go back to using both hands and arms again now…..

  • Start with your feet shoulder width apart and the kettle bell on the floor in the middle of your feet.
  • Bend at the knees, keeping your arms straight and take hold of the kettle bell with both hands.
  • In a squat movement stand up straight bring the kettle bell with you.
  • Once standing, raise the kettle bell with your arms (bending at the elbow) until it’s chest height.
  • Bring your arms down, and bend at the knee again until the kettle bell touches the floor.
  • This is one full repetition – keep going, repeating this movement until the timer has completed wither 30 or 60 seconds.

Oblique Crunches

This is the final exercise in the routine and is solely dedicated to working your core muscles – obliques to be specific.

  • Hold the kettle bell in your right hand and stand up straight.
    • Try not to lean the way the kettle bell is pulling you.
  • When ready to start, lower the kettle bell down your right side as low as you can.
    • Remember not to lean forward.
    • You’ll feel a stretching and pulling in your left side oblique.
  • When as low as you can go, bring your body straight again and complete the movement with a shoulder shrug when at the beginning position.
  • You’ve just complete one repetition.
  • Once you’ve completed this exercise for the full 30 or 60 seconds, change side and go again.

This is an ideal HIIT routine to raise your heart rate and put your body in the fat burning zone. You’ll need to approach this with the mindset that you’re willing to push yourself, otherwise you won’t get the benefits or see the results you’re dreaming of.

If you’re working of the timer with 60 seconds per exercise, then including the setting up time, you can complete this whole HIIT routine in 10 – 11 minutes, making it quick and easy. As you only need a kettle bell and some space, this can very easily be done in the comfort of your own home as if you don’t want and can’t travel to a local gym.



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