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At I strive to improve and look for the edge that others don’t have.  I’m not living in a fantasy world thinking I’m better than anyone else because lets face it, no matter what your circumstances are, you may be great at what you do but no one is perfect.  It’s important to use the resources around you to get what’s best for you; whether it be products or information to help you get the results you want.

Below are links to some really great sites:

BodyBuilding Resources

Shredded Physique – All the information you need for bodybuilding, health, fitness and well-being.

WorldsFittest – Owned by my friend Erny Peibst – All your fitness and bodybuilding needs

Making Big Gains With Crappy Genetics – Find out how the right training plan, diet and supplements can really change your life!

GainBuildMuscle – Owned by Chris Brown – Check out his journey into fitness

Truly Huge Bodybuilding – All the information you need on fitness and bodybuilding

Bodybuilding tips – Which will help you to build a harmonious body. Maximize your training using this useful informations!

Official Fitness and Health – Information about nutrition, exercise, fitness, weight training, weight loss, healthy aging, and supplement reviews.

Testosterone Supplement – Natural herbal testosterone supplement for muscle building and male enhancement.

SportDot.comSports directory and information on the web.

Best Supplements for Bulking – Check out the best bulking steroid alternatives and stacks that can make you huge!

Burn Fat Not Muscle – Best way to look lean and mean! – Bodybuilder blog, find out what are the best bodybuilder supplements

Simply Shredded – The New Rules for Getting Ripped

The Way Up – Browse our online Alternative Health Product Store for The Way UP with Dr Slagle’s recommended Natural Supplements, Remedies, Herbal, Vitamins, Minerals, Enzymes, Homeopathy, Amino Acids, Natural Hormones. Free newsletters & Ebook.

Official Fitness and Health – Information about nutrition, exercise, fitness, weight training, weight loss, healthy aging, and supplement reviews.

Lose Fat Build Muscle – Herbalife weight loss, energy and sports nutrition programmes. Lose fat, change shape as well as lose weight.

Muscle and Brawn – Get Big. Get Strong. Get Ripped.

Muscle Building Tips  – About Muscle is a huge Muscle building information website where you can learn how to build muscle, increase your strength, find workout routines, supplements and eat for success! – Free tips on body for life workout, diet, recipes for men and women. – Free articles on bodybuilding workouts, nutrition, diets and more. – Where you can learn to lose fat, build muscle, shape up and feel great.

Strongman Training, Strength & Conditioning Blog – Real Strength & Fitness For Real Men & Athletes.

HealthyEnergyGuru – Boost your healthy energy: There are many ways to boost your healthy energy. Let us show you how!

Phen375 Australia

Phen375 UK

Steroid Resources

Best Steroid Alternatives

Legal steroids for sale

Other Resources

Business Lists UK – Find the right health information and advice – Full range of outdoor accessory and clothing reviews for all ages and genders

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