My DBol-GH & Sommatrophine Review

Bodybuilding with

Being keen to make sure I’m using the best combination for my body, I ventured into the world of, with specific interest into their bodybuilding supplements to see for myself if the rumours were true.  I already knew the brand came highly recommended so thought I should see for myself.

The two product I supplemented with were DBol-GH and Sommatropinne HgH for these key reasons;

  1. Sommatrophinne is one of the flagship bodybuilding supplements from so if they’re willing to shout about this, then perhaps it has some pedigree.
  2. Sommatrophinne promotes lean muscle growth along side weight loss – a combination we’re all searching for!
  3. DBol-GH is designed solely to stimulate muscle growth and improve overall muscle mass.

My Experience
So I set to work continuing with my 5 training session a week and started to notice results very quickly, within 2 weeks in fact.  My muscles felt harder and noticeable I looked more ripped with clear definition in my abs!

Both supplements are specifically designed to promote lean muscle growth and with the right training plan you’ll notice results very quickly, as I did.  I’ve been training and lifting weights for many years and didn’t expect to see results this soon.  I had renewed energy, tight abs and muscle gains in all major muscle groups.  I’d recommend these to all new and seasoned body builders.

What’s more, is that DBol-GH and Sommatropinne HgH are both completely natural supplements with 100% natural ingredients used.  I pride myself on being as natural as possible when it comes to training, whether it be the food I eat, to the supplements I use.  These gave me a real edge in training!

DBol-GH Before & After

If you need any more detail on why you should try these supplements, they pretty much speak for themselves;

• One of a kind formula | Includes Beta-Ecdysterone and Bovine Colostrum
• One of the largest servings sizes that we offer – 150 capsules, providing a very high deliverable of ingredients with our latest strong and complex formula
• May provide fast and lean muscle growth
• Compared to Anabolic Steroids, DBOL-GH is natural and anabolic
• May increase your body’s natural production of HGH
• The strongest and most complex formula available at for muscle building
• Used by the most elite bodybuilders for large rapid muscle gains

Somatropinne HGH:
• For HGH Supplementation – Use what the PRO’s use
• Combines the six most potent Growth Factors and 8 proven amino acid releasers!
• May provide same benefits of true homeopathic HGH
• Lose Weight and Build Lean Muscle
• Enhance Biceps, Pectoralis, Abdominals, Obliques, and great for Sports Advancement

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