Oats For Breakfast

The Best Way To Prepare Your Oats For Breakfast

When we talk about breakfast and oats, the obvious meal or recipe that comes to mind is porridge – and why not, porridge is delicious and packed with energy and nutrients to prepare you for the day ahead, but what if we told you there’s a better way to prepare your oats, that could increase the overall nutrients and healthiness of the meal and save you time……would you be interested?

Why Eat Oats?

Did you know that oats are one of the only foods that actually act to reduce cholesterol? Well you do now! They’re an extremely hardy and robust cereal grain that are harvest during the fall but are available all year round, because they’re strong enough to grow in very poor conditions when other crops simply can’t.

Oats are packed with nutrients such as fiber and better still, a fiber known as beta-gluten which is known to fight heart disease and diabetes whilst fuelling your body from the moment they enter your digestive system – fast acting and long lasting. There have been countless studies showing that people with high cholesterol can reduce their cholesterol levels by up to 23% from eating just 3 grams of oat fiber per day!

Raw Fridge Oats

img_7406What do we mean by “raw oats?” Basically these are rolled oats that haven’t been cooked or warmed up with milk or water to make a hot porridge meal.

The oats are simple mixed with milk and left over night in a fridge where they slowly and naturally absorb the liquid.

  • This method keeps the oats raw
  • When consumed, the oats take longer to breakdown
  • They keep you fuelled for much longer

Preparing Your Oats

This couldn’t be any easier if you tried…. These are the things you need;

  • 1 Mug (this is only used to measure)
  • 1 Bowl
  • Rolled Oats
  • Almond Milk (normal milk is fine too)
  • A spoon

That’s all you need and you’ll have you fridge oats prepare in a matter of minutes – Here’s what you do –

Step 1

Fill a mug three quarters full of your rolled oats


Step 2

Fill a mug with three quarters of your almond milk


Step 3

Mix your oats and milk in a bowl


Step 4

Leave in a fridge over night allowing oats to absorb the milk


Step 5

Add your favourite fruit or syrup to enhance the taste, and…..enjoy!


These preparations steps take literally 2 minutes to complete then you can put you feet up and look forward to the delicious fridge oats in the morning.

Saving Time

We all live more increasingly busy lifestyles and trying to accommodate a healthy diet isn’t always easy, especially if we constantly on the move from one place to the next or trying to squeeze in an extra training session. ┬áThis is where these fridge oats really excel – not only are they extremely healthy, packed with nutrients and energy to kick start your day, but they’re very simple to prepare the night before, so when you want them, just take them out of the fridge, add your favourite topping, then away you go – eat to you hearts content.

When you fuel yourself correctly, your body reacts as you want it to, more energised, more alert and better prepared ….. all things needed to help you achieve you goals!

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