Pre-Workout Punch


HydroSlim Pre-Workout Drink

Wanting to get a little extra from your workouts or tired of lacking energy and feeling lethargic before you train?  Have you considered using a pre-workout supplement or drink??

HydroSlim Thermogenic Enhancing Matrix pre-workout drink is full of flavour and full of energy.  With it’s punching orange flavour, this supplement is designed to get your body raring to go before you hit the gym, so you can start training hard faster than before!

Why Choose HydroSlim?

There couldn’t be an easier to use pre-workout supplement available.  Simply adding water to create a mind blowing energy booster that will transform your workouts by not only increasing your energy levels before training, but by also promoting fat loss.  That’s right…. Fat Loss!


With it’s unique blend of ingredients combining Green Tea, Green Coffee, Wild Nutmeg & Caffeine, this pre-workout is designed to stimulate and speed up your metabolism by gradually increasing your core temperature thus encouraging your body to work harder to cool itself down.

Who Can Use HydroSlim?

59b71a6d02d08abcaac5d28171c5f88aThe beauty of this pre-workout supplement is that it isn’t targeted or created for a specific user group.  Suitable for both men and women this drink will assist anyone that’s looking for an extra kick or boost in energy to firstly train at a higher level and secondly to burn more calories during each and every workout.

Is HydroSlim Safe?

Ultimately one of the most important questions and one all of us should be asking before we put this or any supplement into our body’s.  As already mentioned, the ingredients used to build this pre-workout drink are all natural so this supplement is 100% safe to use and harm free.  The question you might want to ask next is, now you know the supplement is safe, do you think you can handle the intensity this will give you??


Where Can you Buy HydroSlim?

CaptureAvailable via Evolution Slimming, this product is sold as a single supplement or as a bundle of 2 or 3 bottles.  Prices are reduced and more is saved with each bottle that is added to your order.


Don’t miss out, add HydroSlim to your training regime and watch yourself transform!

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