Top 10 Reasons to Workout

Why Do We Workout?

You’ve been thinking of starting to workout, to hit the gym the starting lifting weight but need that little extra push. Maybe you’ve started working out before but quit because you struggled to stay motivated. It’s easier to stay motivated if you continually see results but what if you’re struggling to see results because you’re not training as much which then impacts your motivation so you slow down completely??

We already know that working out and bodybuilding is a healthy lifestyle, helps you lives longer, give you more energy, prevents disease and decreases stress but check out these top 10 reasons why we should workout and what it’ll give you…..

  • Get a beach body – Think about the first time you’re on the beach this summer taking your top off or putting your bikini on, how amazing would it feel to know everyone is looking at you??
  • People expect you to quit – We all know people that when you say you’re starting to workout or changing your training program and they just don’t believe you.  Won’t it be great to just prove them wrong and show them the amazing results??
  • Strength – This is one of the main reasons (if sometime secretly) why we all start to workout in the gym.  It’s a great feeling when someone asks you to open the jam jar or tough bottle of ketchup instead of the people standing next to you.
  • Self Esteem – When you workout, endorphin’s are released around your body making you feel great.  These are often called “feel good” hormones and nothing can replace the feeling after working out.  Also, when you see the amazing results after all your hard work, you’ll be sky high.
  • Meet Old Friends –  We all love a good gossip, no matter your age or gender.  How many people do you know that have either in the past or recently put on weight?? Most of us.  How good would it be to be in great shape and bump into an old friend?  Then knowing that when that friends see’s other friends they be saying “They’re looking great at the moment”….
  • Be Successful – When you feel good, you look even better.  When you’re on top of your game its easier to be successful in life.  If you meet new people often in your day-to-day life or job, feeling good can give you more confidence which will have a huge impact on your future success and gaining that promotion you’ve been working towards.
  • Have a great life – People’s idea of the perfect life would be to be rich, smart, good looking, buff, tan and happy. Obviously, bodybuilding can help you become better looking and muscular. Bodybuilding will help you have more energy and feel better about yourself.
  • The gym is FUN – Being part of a gym is like being part of the super healthy training family.  When you workout regularly you will get to know others that workout too.  You’ll make friends with people who have the same interests.
  • Meet Someone – For many people, this is the main reason why they hit the gym and workout.  You want to attracted the best looking girl or guy so you train harder.  The first time you get complimented on your tight abs or big muscles is a feeling you can’t beat!

Still need another reason why you should start working out and bodybuilding??  Time to get in the gym and lifting the weights.

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