About Crazy Gain

I Can Help You Be Bigger, Faster, Stronger, Leaner and…..Better Than You Were Before

Having been a keen fitness enthusiast from a very young age Kevin Hodges finally decided to start using some of the information and skills he’s acquired over his time in sports and fitness and put them to good use helping others develop themselves.

It all began for Kevin as a young swimmer, pushing himself to achieve county championships and captaining a small successful team to championship titles.  Playing field hockey and rugby union is when the more physical aspects of sport and fitness came to the forefront of training.  Studying at university he gained a BSc in Computing and started a career in IT.

Bodybuilding is a key part of his lifestyle where he can be himself and forget the world surrounding us.  Learning and trying new techniques all the time he gained 35lbs of clean, natural and maintainable muscle.  Now with a growing Facebook, Twitter and Instagram profile he’s sharing bodybuilding and fitness information around the world!

My Story

Growing up as a swimmer and competing around the country until I was 18 I had a tight training schedule where I’d be in the pool training 6 days a week, plus competing.  Nutrition has always played a crucial role so adapting from swimming and intense cardio training to muscle training wasn’t difficult once I discovered what foods I needed to focus on.

In my early 20’s I was studying at university therefore training took a back seat and I very quickly lost my physique so my next challenge was ‘getting my physique back’.  How was I going to do this??





From the time I started weight training, I gained 35lbs of clean and natural muscle going from weighing 140lbs to 175lbs in just a few years!

The Turning Point…

For me, diet wasn’t the biggest issue.  I was so used to excessive training that I used to weight train in the same way, lifting far too often with weights that just weren’t heavy enough.  After spending a lot of time reading books and searching through Google, I started to adapt a training programme that better suited my needs, ranging from GVT, explosive training and super-sets.  All of which are training methods I still use and promote actively.

Another turning point for me was Intermittent Fasting.  I found this method helped my body produce more testosterone therefore make my results from training that much more impressive, whether it be from bigger biceps to a tighter stomach.

Random Info

Age? 31

Where are you from? Bath, England

Favourite film? Any Marvel film really but Captain America would always be first choice.

Favourite muscle to train? Always enjoy training lats, pull-ups are one of my ‘go-to’ exercises

Favourite programme? Suits is amazing and I was hooked on Making a Murderer.  Before that I’m pretty sure I watched Breaking Bad in the fastest time possible!

Ultimate goal? To help as many people as possible, mentally and physically.  After all, to make big body gains, you’ve got to be in the right mind-set to make it possible.

Contact Me

If you’ve got a question, a tip, or are interested in potentially writing for Crazy Gain Fitness, you can contact me on;

kevin.hodges@crazygain.com (kevin ‘dot’ hodges ‘at’ crazygain ‘dot’ com)

Bear in mind that I get lots of e-mails so it’s not always possible to read and respond to everyone.