Tom Hiddleston’s Muscle Building Routine

How Tom Hiddleston Built Muscle Fast

Tom Hiddleston is an English actor who has appeared in many movies and TV episodes, but he shot into mainstream limelight when being cast as “Loki” in the Thor movie in 2011, and all the Marvel Avenger movies that have since followed and taken the world by storm.

We have most recently seen Hiddleston starring in Kong: Skull Island as “James Conrad”, an ex-special forces soldier who is enlisted to track the unknown. In this movie we see a transformed and very lean looking Tom, who has obviously put in some serious gym time!

In this article I’m going to review Tom Hiddleston, his training and nutrition habits and give you the insight into how I think he got into fantastic shape.

Tom Hiddleston aged 35 years old is popular as already mentioned for his role as Loki in Marvel Studios movies and has kept himself in great shape through his rigorous workout routine. The actor is 6”2in (188cm) tall and weighs 79kg or 174 pounds. Hiddleston takes excellent care of his body with exercise and diet. He has always had an incredible physique, typically lean and trim, and getting stronger comes with more health benefits. Substantially, the more lean muscle you have, the more calories your body burns. This, therefore, brings us to the obvious – that building muscle as you age, eating the right kinds of foods to make that happen as well as minimize muscle loss as you lose weight is essential to staying lean. That said, let us have a look how Tom Hiddleston has always kept his body in great shape.

Secret Training Techniques & Nutrition Habits

What is Tom’s secret training technique that enabled him to build muscle quickly and what are his nutrition habits?

While nutrition is vital, the quality of your strength-training workout is a key feature for building lean muscle mass. Tom Hiddleston gains muscle by keeping his body fat gain to an absolute minimum. So how did he manage it? Tom reportedly works out six times a week at the gym and thoroughly rests one day to trigger muscle repair progression in his body. He has recently admitted to using two muscle supplements which aided much better performance in the gym and allowed him to get fitter as well as stronger.

Tom does workouts with the goal of being as fit as he can be to do his job to the very best of his abilities. But lately, his body has morphed into something far more buff and muscular, thanks to the roles he has been taking on. Tom Hiddleston has shaped his body into a tighter mass of lean muscles by taking a diet that has amicable terms with the body.

Central to such an endeavour, Hiddleston consumes ample amounts of food which have a rich content of lean protein such as broiled chicken, potatoes, turkey, vegetables, brown rice just to name but a few in his diet. Eating enough protein alongside losing weight is more likely to lessen muscle loss and maximize fat loss. This secret makes big quality-of-life improvements for Tom Hiddleston since it improves balance and walking ability as well as reducing the threat of falls – which are all too common when stunts are involved with his more recent big screen roles.

How Does Hiddleston Train?

Tom Hiddleston is seldom sluggish towards training. I haven’t heard or read any news suggesting that Tom has a personal trainer despite one time he was seen going for a run with his bodyguard. Ever since Tom first started training and working out from a young age, Tom has never fantasised of wanting to be something that he isn’t or to try and mimic what someone else is doing. He reckons, most people stress themselves with the idea of hitting the gym to torch pounds from their body.

According to Hiddleston, you can make the process of shedding weight more thrilling and entertaining without a trainer by succumbing to different sports activities such as dancing, rock climbing, or any other exciting activities, enhancing the exercise to or on your body.

This ripped actor always prepared to explore himself and push himself to new levels of workouts. Given that action and fight scenes are all about strength, agility and the level of endurance, his workouts are the perfect mix of exercises such as flying, twisting, running, jumping just to name but a few capable of bestowing him all the qualities.

Does Tom Hiddleston Use Supplements or Steroids?

Workouts abiding by holistic approach have incredibly excellent and rewarding results, and sources suggest that Tom Hiddleston increase his results by incorporating Pilates and Yoga in his exercise routine.

Apart from developing your core strength, endurance and flexibility, they will also improve your posture. Therefore, workouts followed with alkaline diet will kick-start the process of hauling your body towards being more ripped. Most importantly, processed and junk foods being a foe-pa of a healthy metabolism are mostly forbidden by the actor. He steers clear from sugary as well as alcoholic beverages because they cause more harm than good to your body.

That said, water is his best friend, and he drinks this in a tremendous amount in a day. Therefore, it’s essential for you to drink a significant amount of water in a day for hydrating as well as cleansing your body from the inside.

We’ve already mentioned previous, that there are reports and several online forums that suggest Hiddleston has used and perhaps does continue to use a number of supplements to increase his muscle, fitness and health results. However the exact nature of these supplements is unknown to me and from everything I can find online, Tom is very much geared towards being and training as natural as possible. Focusing mostly on an all-over training routine and nailing his nutrition.

Do I think Tom Hiddleston has used steroids? Simple answer – NO.

More About Tom Hiddleston

There is a real difference in Tom’s physique from when we first saw him as Loki in the Marvels Avengers movie, to his most recent movie, Kong: Skull Island. While in Loki, his role required him to be in top shape, but his last film required a lot of action scenes that require a great deal of physical stamina and endurance. Many scenes in the Marvel comic movies can be exhausting and need a lot of physical effort, so fitness levels are required to be optimal, particularly the cardiovascular system to withstand all that jumping, running and leaping he does in these movies.

We might be in line to see another Hiddleston body transformation as there is still no word yet on who will be the next Bond. For me, Tom Hiddleston is definitely a great pick for his iconic role.

Final Thought

Tom Hiddleston has been credited with a great look and chiselled body thanks to the effort he has put into his well thought though training. He has been able to conquer prestigious awards such as Empire Awards in 2011 for Best Male Newcomer, MTV Movie Award for Best Fight as well as Best Villain in 2013. Last but by no means least, his ripped body has definitely played a vital role in aiding him step up the ladder of fame and glory.

I’m really looking forward to seeing more of this talent and seeing how he can transform his body once again!

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