Using Food To Build Muscle

Build Muscle and Burn Fat With Food

Unless your body receives the right amount of fuel, you might not or rather you won’t grow the lean muscles that you’re expecting. The “fuel”, in this case, is the right food that you consume that will trigger the lean muscle growth.

If you’re like most people and you want to gain muscle and lose fat simultaneously, you will have to be extra careful with the type of food you eat. That’s why in this article I’m going to take you through a few steps to show how important nutrients is for your body, and how, if you make the right food choices, your gains can go through the roof…..

Why is food important in building lean muscle burning stubborn fat?


Food helps to restore the lost energy when you burn fat, and also trigger the growth of muscles {which are mostly made up of proteins}. So when you eat food rich in protein, the nutrients will trigger the development of new tissues and also repair the broken muscles tissues.


Foods rich in carbohydrates help to supply the body with enough energy that so you can stay active and will ensure you’re fuelled throughout the workout sessions. However, you should always keep in mind that too many carbohydrates will lead to fat gain in the body.


Food that are rich in healthy fats {mostly plant-based fat} will help to enhance the production of hormones like testosterone. This will also keep you energized for longer periods of time.

Natural Fat Burners

Even when you want to get rid of the unwanted fat in the body, you might need some food that will trigger the burn. For instance, such foods like Green Tea extract and Caffeine will help to boost metabolism and enhance fat oxidation in the body.

A proper diet is important when you’re in a muscle building and fat loss program.

The Different Between Bad and Good Food

Speaking of proper diet, you should keep in mind that not every piece food is good for your muscles to grow as you burn fat. Here is an overview to help you know which foods are good, and which are not right for your gains.

Raw/Organic Foods vs. Processed Foods

Raw foods are those that are not cooked, and they come with their natural nutrients. They’re good for your health, and they help you get ripped as you burn the unwanted fat. Usually, raw foods will contain vitamins, fatty acids, fiber, unprocessed antioxidants, proteins, and minerals. In most cases, heating grains, nuts, veggies, fruits, or seeds will lower the natural nutrients level. That is why these foods should be eaten raw for the full benefits.

Organic foods are the food supplies that are produced by farmers using natural and renewable resources. They include eggs, poultry, tomatoes, potatoes, among other farm-based organic products.

Processed foods are bad for your muscle building growth. They’re normally packed in cans, bags, or boxes and sold in convenience stores. Processed foods tend to have a different colour from the natural foods that they come from. This is because they contain various additives like preservatives, artificial colouring, excess sodium, sugars, and flavour enhancers.

Good Carbs vs. Bad Carbs

Carbohydrates (carbs) are vital in supplying your body with energy and facilitating the functions of other major organs like the brain. Such carbs like selected fruits, legumes, beans, and whole grains are all considered “good carbs”. They’re not only reliable sources of energy but also have high levels of nutrients and fiber. The fiber will keep you feeling full, which will reduce the amount of food you consume.

Conversely, bad carbs are mostly processed, and they contain bad or high sugar level without the needed nutrients. Such carbs will shoot up your blood sugar levels, and contribute to fat gain. They include cookies, white bread, candy, soda, cakes, and white rice.

Good Protein and Bad Protein

Good proteins are made up of amino acids, and they’re major building blocks for muscles and other parts/organs of the body. They include nuts, dairy products, legumes, leafy greens, chia seeds, free-range chicken, wild fish, to name but a few.

Bad proteins are those that have undergone some level of processing. They include dairy desserts, processed meat, and low-fat sugar yogurt.

Good Fats and Bad Fats (Trans Fats)

Healthy dietary fats help in the well-being of the body, and they also absorb fat-soluble vitamins from other foods. They include plant-based fats, nut oils, butter, seeds, extra virgin olive oil, among others.

Animal fats can be healthy, but ensure that you minimize their intake.

Conversely, bad fats promote inflammation and other health disorders. They include fried foods, packaged baked foods, as well as margarine.

Ultimately the best way to avoid trans fats is to stay away from all fast foods like fries and fried chicken.

Balancing Your Meals

This isn’t perhaps as easy as it sounds but a good and strong diet is always about balancing different foods so that you can benefit from various nutrients altogether. Your meal plan must be well balanced, and it must consist of all the necessary food supplies.

A diet of a person who wants to build muscles and burn fat comes in low calorie/low carb and high calorie/high carb portions.

Low Calorie/Low Carb Portion

This one should be consumed throughout the day when you are not weight training and half a day when you are weight training. The caloric intake should be between ten and twelve times your body weight. So if you weigh 175lbs, you should consume a maximum of 2100kcal.

The macronutrient ratio should be 50% of protein, 30% of healthy fat, and 20% of good carbs.

High Calorie/High Carb Portion

These should only be consumed on weight training days from when you start your workout to when you go to bed. They should be consumed in intervals of six to eight hours throughout the day. The caloric intake is also between ten and twelve times your body weight.

The macronutrient ratio should be 75% of good carbs, 20% of protein, and 5% healthy fat.

Meal Plan Examples for a Ripped & Lean Body

Below I’ve listed the perfect daily meal plan if you’re looking to build and retain lean muscle and burn away any unwanted body fat. This daily meal plan is full of all the nutrients you need to grow and develop muscle tissue, fuel your body with energy and stimulate fat burning.

Meal 1: Cheese, baby spinach, eggs and peach

Meal 2: Flax seeds, yogurt, strawberry, and chocolate protein powder

Meal 3: Top round steak, tomato, and avocado.

Meal 4: Boneless chicken breast, pasta, mushrooms, marina sauce, broccoli, and extra virgin oil.

Avoid eating starchy carbs immediately after a workout to facilitate fat burn.

When Should You Eat?

Timing is important when you want to eat right during weight training. Ideally, take a drink or some food that is rich in protein around twenty minutes before you start working out. Eat the same immediately after your workout for recovery purposes.

Protein is basically the best muscle building food you can choose, so ensure that your body has the right supply as you weight train. Don’t forget to eat the right foods throughout the day for you to get bigger and stronger.


My Final Thought

Dieting is important when you want to build muscle and burn fat, in fact I would say 70% of your gains are from the food you eat – abs are made in the kitchen.

It is all about eating healthy food that will promote the growth of lean muscles. Always ensure that you alternate the meal plans time and again to have a moderate supply of nutrients. Sticking to the same meal plan will deprive you of other necessary nutrients needed in the body… you might find it boring which will mean you’ll lose focus.

Always remember, you need energy to lift weights and build muscle, so balance your diet plans at all times.

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