Workout To Boost Testosterone

Does Working Out Increase Testosterone?

As any fitness addict worth their salt knows, frequent workouts (weighted or cardio) have an amazing list of benefits. Just a few of them include lowered blood pressure, higher aerobic endurance, and even a longer life expectancy in some cases. However, did you know that when you work out, you actually see a slight spike in testosterone as well?

That’s right, as you work hard to increase lean muscle; your body is kicking into overtime to actually help out by giving more of what you need to do work. As you begin to work out, especially for a regular period of time (45 – 50 minutes), your body increases testosterone depending on how much pressure you are able to put on it.

Testosterone Study

In a recent study, men that worked out regularly (whether they were into professional bodybuilding or otherwise) saw a large spike in testosterone as they lowered their body fat percentage. In addition, working out with the idea of taxing their bodies until failure in a short period of time saw large increases in testosterone. The exercises that seemed to boost this effect the most were deadlifts, bench press, clean and press, and squats. Each one of these (if done at challenging weights) works a lot of muscle groups at once and almost immediately raises your testosterone levels!

Specifically, squats are the standout exercise from the group as it works the biggest muscles in your body all at once. Keep in mind that compound movements such as squats and the others named above, are the key to true testosterone growth, so be on the lookout for any other workouts like these that hit more than just one muscle group.


Now, let’s talk about over-training. There are some gym rats that spend over two hours lifting weights over and over until they can barely function the next day. Using different supplements, they keep their body moving but this actually hurts testosterone levels.

The same study showed that bigger gains were found in shorter more vigorous workouts than long and drawn out ones. When the one-hour timer hits, your body kicks into a sort of panic mode and begins releasing other hormones such as cortisol that actually break down testosterone. Once that happens, it takes about five days for your testosterone levels to return to their previous state. This is the exact opposite of what you want to happen.

Why Boost Testosterone?

So why is a high testosterone level something to strive for? To put it simply, testosterone is one of the key components that helps burn fat as well as increase lean muscle. While a small increase won’t be noticeable at first, regularly increasing the amount of this hormone in your body will eventually have you running at a higher level and the change will be dramatic.

In addition to increased fat burning and muscle growth, your energy levels will hit an all-time high and you’ll slowly feel the weights get a little lighter each time you visit the gym.

There are quite a few different factors to each gym visit, but knowing the science behind each and every rep you complete can help dramatically in your fitness goals and aspirations. Testosterone is the cornerstone for many great bodybuilders, so taking advantage of compound exercises to boost its levels just makes great sense!



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